Creative Video Production During a Pandemic: How to Stand Out

By Vanessa B

Since the pandemic really started to make itself known in March 2020, in-person events turned virtual, productions have been cancelled, and clients have been wrapped in uncertainty over the fate of their video projects. This uncertainty has significantly affected organizations around the globe, giving us no choice but to modify communication plans and effectively capture their audiences. Included in this are bigger outcomes and tighter budgets. This is where we see the importance of video marketing strategy. While people in the film and TV world have returned to capture in-person footage, video producers have still had to adjust to offer the best videos, services, and experiences to clients possible. Ways in which video reproducers have had to adjust include leaning into technology and user-generated content. Let’s start by looking at the latter.

User-Generated Content

One thing producers have been doing with their clients while looking for videos for their company communications, current initiatives, or virtual events, has been making use of user-generated content. While it may be a different look and feel, it’s refreshing to see raw and real content during these unprecedented times we’re living in. Adopting a user-generated approach is a way for producers to apply something engaging, comforting and that also just feels more human.

Making a Professional Video

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t still ways to create professional videos the traditional way, however. In fact, there’s a very good reason why you should. With the high volume of DIY videos producers are putting out there right now, a video of a professional standard will make sure you stand out amongst these. The process might well be different to what we’re used to. And yes, the video also might look different once it’s completed. But it can still be done, even remotely.

Make a COVID-Specific Plan

You’ll need to increase your brainstorming before producing video. There’s only one thing that can affect your video production and that is whether you can shoot new video right now or not. While that’s no small matter, it isn’t anything you can’t get around. There are things you can do to replace a conventional video shoot, such as using royalty-free photos and/or videos to supplement your raw materials, collecting professional photos taken for the client, particularly editorial-style photos, gathering existing company video assets, either past completed videos or raw file videos, and recording interviews via web-based video conferencing.

A Change of Mindset

If you’re just starting out in professional video production, you might experience an epiphany while producing your first video during a pandemic. You might be shooting a Zoom video, for example, and notice how the raw video pairs with the raw emotions displayed by the person you’re speaking with. You might realize that you should match your “b-roll” with what you’re getting during the interview. It isn’t simply just a case of matching the content you’re talking about, but its entire “feel”.

Making It Work

There’s a time, place, and situation for everything, whether it’s allowing a professional to produce your video or doing it yourself. Or you could just let a creative video production agency handle making the most out of your DIY material. There’s no need to allow a pandemic to stop you from communicating with your audience.