Crash Adams Share New Single MAKE IT LAST + Compile for FM Their Top 5 INFLUENCES PLAYLIST

Canadian smart duo, Crash Adams, drops indie-electro-pop gladness with their new single Make it Last and compile for FM their Top 5 INFLUENCES PLAYLIST. 

They explain: “Most people at some point wonder what it would be like to relive a moment of their youth, but have it play out according to what their ideal vision is of that moment – true or not. “Make It Last” is about that. At the end of the day, we want people to hear it and create their own story behind it...”


  1. MGMT – Kids

This is the perfect upbeat song with a catchy synth melody that makes you happy. Even further, the writing and concept behind the music video is one of our favorites. 

2. Empire of the Sun – Walking On A Dream

It’s a pretty easy-going song, but at the same time the chord progressions make us envision a summer journey with our closest friends. “We are always running for the thrill of it”.

3. Earth Wind and Fire – September

My dad showed me this when I was young. I think it’s the perfect song, from the groove to the vocals. There’s a reason it’s still a hit today.

4. The Killers – When You Were Young

Growing up, we’d listen to this song and think of the endless possibilities that were available to us. To this day, it still brings us that feeling of inspiration.

5. Eric Prydz – Everyday

“If every day goes like this, then how do we survive. We’re working late on the night shift, to get peace of mind.” There’s only two sentences in this song.