Coyne and Hart: Liverpool’s dynamic duo lights Up the House scene with ‘Nobody (Like I Do)’

It serves as the ideal musical accompaniment for your exploration into the core of the House scene
16th October 2023

DJ duo Coyne and Hart, comprising Josh Owens and Rob McPartland, are making waves with their debut single Nobody (Like I Do), a track that exudes feel-good vibes and promises to be the anthem of parties, radio stations, and  fashion adverts alike.​ Coyne and Hart has emerged from the vibrant heartbeat of Liverpool’s music scene and is ready to set the commercial House landscape ablaze.

Formerly known for their success in the Tech House realm under the moniker Delfino, the duo have seamlessly transitioned into the world of Coyne and Hart. Nobody (Like I Do) is a track that not only showcases their versatility but also positions them as a promising and forward-thinking musical act.

Coyne and Hart have positioned themselves at the forefront of the Dance landscape​, their influences, ranging from the local heroes Belters Only to international icons like Joel Corry, Nathan Dawe, Tiesto, and David Guetta, speak to the eclectic and dynamic nature of their musical palette. By drawing inspiration from both local and global sources, Coyne and Hart have crafted a sound that transcends boundaries and embraces the universal language of music.

Riding the success of their first single, which has caused a stir across the dance music landscape, this dynamic duo is on the brink of a rapid ascent. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado of dance music or a newcomer eager to ignite the party atmosphere, Coyne and Hart‘s Nobody (Like I Do) serves as the ideal musical accompaniment for your exploration into the core of the House scene.

Keep an ear out for what is sure to be an exhilarating chapter in the ongoing saga of Coyne and Hart.