LeAnn Rimes - night in Belfast’s prestigious Waterfront Hall the 31 year old Texan made her first appearance in the city in over a decade and blew the audience away with her particular brand of extremely catchy country music.LeAnn Rimes - bad cold could not stop the gorgeous Mrs LeAnn Rimes Cibrian from putting on roof-raising show, that highlighted her many hit songs and some lesser-known (but well-received) material as well. LeAnn Rimes - can forgive her the odd cough or splutter and feel privileged she still put such an excellent performance considering her condition.LeAnn Rimes - many were there to hear songs from the hit movie Coyote Ugly (Can’t Fight The Moonlight’ and ‘How Do I Live’), but whilst those two songs were the pinnacle of the night, no one left unhappy or downbeat by the seletcioon of others that were belted out with style and panache. LeAnn Rimes - is a young lady who has to date released 14 studio albums, so there is plenty of material above par songs to draw from for a two hour set.

Fame were there to catch the show and we were genuinely amazed by how popular Rhimes is and how well her music went down with the packed Waterfront Hall crowd.

If this opening night of the European tour is anything to go by, fans at those shows are in for one amazing night.

Here’s hoping more country music superstars join LeAnn and make the journey here very soon indeed. With pop acts such as Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen gracing our shores in recent months surely many more big names will see the benefit in making the trip to ‘the Emerald Isle’.

Photos by Fabrizio Belluschi ©