Cougar to play Whelan’s

Cougar released its full-length debut, Law, in October 2005 on Layered Music, the music label founded by Young
Blood Brass Band and dedicated to giving a voice to artists outside the norm. Cougar is said to feel like any or all of
the following: Four Tet,Sigur Ros, Radiohead, Telefon Tel Aviv, Fugazi, Nick Drake, Tortoise. They say it sounds like
‘nostalgia’ and leave it at that.Cougar’s music is immediate, efficient, and strangely captivating. Like all great bands,
it is impossible to say exactly what kind of music this is.

Cougar was formed 2003 in a cold Madison, Wisconsin basement, and has been secretly crafting beautiful music
ever since. The secret’s out.Members have been involved in the progressive music communityfor years, including
ensembles like the internationallyrenowned/aforementioned YoungBlood Brass Band.

Cougar is the culmination of what began as informal compositional/rhetorical gatherings. These sessions brought
together a core group of musicians committed to careful meditation and refinement. This ethos pushed the group
to constantly examine and breakdown their approach. The group began exploring the idea of the “hook” as an
institution that occurs within all beautiful music; be that hip-hop, punk,electronic, classical, improvised, all- or

Cougar describes its music as “Emergency Rock”. Emergency Rock is not wordplay; it is a literal description. It captures the
model of neutrality/purpose/effi ciency that defi nes emergency procedure and extends it to music. Each song is a collage of
voices constantly interacting and evolving one another. Shape shifting melodies, vast sonic canvases, dense, raw, electronic,
organic, found-percussion and driven sounds resonate throughout.
Cougar’s music revels in this: it offers one the opportunity to hear a song working itself out. The music pulls the listener’s
ears back and forth, imploring one to glimpse melodies running deep beneath the surface and anticipate the next emotional payoff.

Cougar is passionate, powerful, unabashedlyepic instrumental music. No matter what perspective is harbored at first listen,
this band’s sound will quickly become an anthem to rescue-culture aficionados everywhere.

Cougar Live @ Whelan’s November 30th. Tickets are €13 on sale now through Ticketmaster and other usual outlets nationwide.
Booking Line: 0818 719 300.