Cost Matters. Coachella ranks fourth among U.S. festivals for attendee value

"Where ticket prices have risen by 55% since 2014, music lovers can take advantage of this study by choosing the top-ranking festivals that give you the best bang for your buck"
17 April 2024
Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Indio, U.S. | Photo by Andrew Ruiz

In the world of music festivals, cost matters as much as the lineup. According to a recent study by McLuck, Coachella has landed in the fourth spot among U.S. festivals, offering attendees a value of approximately £2.39 per performing artist.

Coachella’s 3-day general admission pass, priced at £399.45, granted access to a lineup boasting 167 acts, including headliners Lana Del Rey, Tyler, the Creator, and Doja Cat. For an elevated experience, VIP tickets came with an additional $456.29 fee on top of the general admission cost.

Photo by Globelet

Taking the lead as the best value festival is Summerfest in Milwaukee, offering a 9-day pass for £104.12, translating to around £0.50 per performing artist. Other noteworthy contenders include EDC Las Vegas (£1.22 per artist), Hard Summer in Los Angeles (£2.19 per artist), and Lollapalooza Chicago (£2.48 per artist).

Joerg Nottebaum, spokesperson for McLuck, stressed the importance of informed decision-making to maximize the festival experience without overspending. With ticket prices steadily rising, opting for festivals with the best value ensures attendees can fully enjoy their summer festivities:

“Basking in the sunshine and dancing to the world-class music is what these events are all about. From sampling delicious food vendors to singing along with loved ones, these festivals are guaranteed summer highlights.  However, festival costs can add up fast. Where ticket prices have risen by 55% since 2014, music lovers can take advantage of this study by choosing the top-ranking festivals that give you the best bang for your buck. This way, you can make an informed decision and select the festival that best fits your budget, ensuring a summer filled with unforgettable moments.” 

The study, analyzing official ticket prices and lineup data from mega-festivals across the U.S., serves as a valuable guide for music enthusiasts seeking to make the most of their festival season.

Best Value Mega-Festivals 

Rank Festival Cost per Performing Artist 
Summerfest £0.50
EDC Las Vegas £1.22
Hard Summer  £2.19
Coachella Music Festival  £2.39
Lollapalooza Chicago  £2.48
Sonic Temple Festival £2.69
Sunfest  £2.96
Sick New World  £3.67
When We Were Young Festival  £4.91
10 Lovers & Friends Fest  £5.92
11 Cruel World Festival  £5.92
12 Stagecoach Country Music Festival  £6.51

Methodology: This study examined the official prices of general admission tickets for all mega-festivals across the United States, only considering those with a released lineup at the time of the study. Prices were taken directly from each festival’s website, and the prices listed during the research period were collected, excluding taxes and undisclosed fees. By calculating the cost per artist (including headliners and supporting acts), the study could identify the festivals that deliver the best value for the entire festival. Data correct as of April 2024. Currencies were converted from the US Dollar ($) to the British Pound (£).