Cornwall-Based Songwriter WEBMOMS Shares Releases WAITING

The Soulful New Single Features Rising Singer MADDY

By JJ Disco

The UK Summer might be drawing to a close. But rising songwriters Webmoms and Maddy have made sure we have just one more sun-drenched experience in the form of Waiting, a smooth and relaxing piece of organic neo-soul that hits all the right spots. 

Having built a wealth of experience playing for others, Webmoms (Real name Karum Cooper) wanted to establish a name for himself as a solo artist and debut his personal sound to the world.

Webmoms’ new single with MADDY marks a departure from his lo-fi sound and sees the musical maverick move into the world of neo-soul in a big way.

Speaking on the new single, the talented songwriter states: “Lockdown three spurred me to get collaborating once again. The release of my Ruchikar EP in Sept 2020 helped me figure out what the Webmoms ‘sound’ was, although I’ve never pigeon-holed myself, I finally knew what sort of musical pocket I was sitting in.

This, combined with having all this time on my hands, a few new instruments to play with, and a little more confidence in myself, I fell in love with producing and writing all over again. I reached out to Maddy (after she absolutely KILLED it on ‘Pasta Bake’ and we got to work. My good friend and ex-bandmate Stan Perry laid down a ridiculously smooth bassline for the track too.

I have a pretty terrible track record of being late and/or in a rush nearly all of the time. It’s something that has followed me around for most of my adult life. This song is an apology. Particularly to those closest that have spent so much time waiting around for me to show up or prove my worth.”


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