Connie Talbot has released a catchy new track called ‘Growing Pains’

"I grew up in the music industry, which did come with its lows as much as the highs were amazing"
18 July 2023

Growing Pains is an engaging new track by UK singer-songwriter Connie Talbot. Moving away from her dark lullaby Easier Pretending You’re Dead, Growing Pains is a jam that takes a fresh and exciting approach. It’s got these sweet melodies and super catchy beats that’ll have you hooked in no time.

This single really shows how Talbot‘s upbringing in the public eye has influenced her. This is a great example of her maturity, relevant lyrics and a bright future.

Behind all the happy vibes, there’s something really important that we shouldn’t overlook. Talbot, who was a child star and had her voice heard all over the world in 2007, has some heartfelt lyrics that need our attention: “if i hang on tight and focus, picture better days” meaning “Let’s talk about the not-so-glamorous aspects of being in the public eye.

Connie goes on to explain in more detail: “Writing this song came in a time in my life where I had just moved out and decided I was going to write my first ever independent EP as an adult. Growing pains for me is about struggles of growing up and how we never really stop growing. I grew up in the music industry, which did come with its lows as much as the highs were amazing. I feel like there is an unspoken pressure especially when you hit your twenties to have your whole life together, I hope this song reminds people that struggles in the past make us who we are today, and the truth is- we never stop learning and growing and it’s okay to not have your whole life together. Do we ever have our life together lol?  Not to be cliché- but we really only have one life, I want to embrace every “growing pain” I have been through and no doubt will go through.”

Connie Talbot grew up in a small town near Birmingham and had a natural understanding that music should make a difference. In 2007, 6-year-old Connie blew everyone away with her version of Over the Rainbow on Britain’s Got Talent.

Despite being 22 years old, she has developed and refined her artistic abilities in the last few years. She’s become quite an impressive artist!

 Photos by Brad Tyler