Conned: Scams, Frauds And Swindles

Conned: Scams, Frauds And Swindles By James Morton And Hilary Bateson

In this entertaining and alarming book, the authors look at the scams, frauds and swindles which, over the years, confidence tricksters, both men and women have worked on a public just as gullible and greedy today as they were three centuries ago. Some of the oldest cons – like the Spanish Prisoner Swindle – are still going strong today.

From schemes to turn water into petrol and paper into banknotes, boiler room scams, switched racehorses, crooked card games, fake royalty and doctors, forgers and fakers, James Morton and Hilary Bateson run through the full gamut of tricks used to separate a fool from his money. And as a bonus, they give advice on how to avoid falling foul of the numerous conmen (and conwomen) operating today.

If you’re one of the many people who have been the subject of a con, this book will be of especial interest; even if you haven’t, you’ll still find it fascinating to read how others have suffered.

James Morton is the author of the best-selling Gangland series of books, on which Hilary Bateson, a professional researcher, worked with him closely.
James Morton’s most recent book, Lola Montez was described by the Sunday Times as a ‘full, judicious and endlessly entertaining biography.’