Color Channel’s ‘R & R Nation’ take over the indie alternative dance scene

"The idea is to get people dancing, it's as simple as that." 
21st September 2022

By Elle B

As summer draws to a close and the chilly winter starts to set in, Color Channel’s latest single, R & R Nation may be just the pick-me-up we all need. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, these guys are all about making tunes to get you onto the dancefloor.

Their message is simple. “The idea is to get people dancing, it’s as simple as that. And if ya happen to shed a tear or two on the dancefloor, that’s a bonus.” 

Their main influences? ”Sex, food, dancing, sweat, vibrations, heat, and rhythm.” 

This latest track is a whopper of a dance track, 7 minutes and 30 seconds of irresistible funk. A vibrant groove, packed full of different sonic textures, with hazy, quirky instrumentals laced with psychedelic vocals and a hard-hitting beat; just try and listen to the first 30 seconds without tapping along to the beat, it’s near impossible.

 Their live performances have earned the band a loyal local following, where their hypnotic sound has already captivated the people of Boston and surrounding areas. “Our first show back after the pandemic, sold out with a line of people outside waiting to get in.’’ the band says. “Our second show back was a local porch music festival, they had to shut down the road because the crowd that gathered was so big.”

It’s not difficult to see why these guys are gaining popularity. Their music embodies that exciting and indescribable feeling of live music – an innate human instinct to gather and immerse yourself in music that can burrow deep into your mind and allow you to become swept up in it.

With vibes of retro psychedelia mixed in with flavours of contemporary indie rock, Color Channel are undoubtedly one to watch as they continue to take over the indie alternative dance scene.