COLLECT CALL Creates A Narrative Of How People Perceive Each Other In RAIN:STOP


The product of songwriter Joseph Thorpe, Collect Call combines sensitive songwriting with an electronic twist. But with that twist comes euphoric synthesizers and emotive vocals that create a feeling of dancing through the hard times, even when it seems hopeless.

Collect Call was born out of musical influences of The Beatles to Talk Talk, but also born out of the need to produce something that people can feel like they belong to a community.  The world is conventional, and doesn’t feel like a safe space for the many that don’t like the traditional ways of life, that is what Rain:Stop is all about.

The new effort is also about being in love with somebody who cares more about themselve than you.  Rain:Stop is a play on the perspective of the protagonist mocking this big headed partner in a cynical way. Then the rain comes and washes away the wool they’ve pulled over your eyes.