NORTHERN Ireland Merlin star Colin Morgan has had to learn a whole new language for his role as title character Merlin in the BBC drama series.
According to production sources the Armagh actor will be speaking “goblin” from a “comedy goblin” episode due to be aired next year.

However, already critics from inside the camps at the hit show are complaining that they think the “imagination has been lost” from he new series.

One source added: “it’s getting really annoying is that Merlin himself doesn’t seem to have any magic other than telekinesis. Everyone is noticing that it’s getting really repetitive.

“Just for once, in a fight scene, it’d be nice to see Merlin use invisibility, or create some flames, or vanish something, or even produce a rabbit out of a hat or some flowers from up his sleeve. But no, as soon as you see Arthur getting in a pickle, you know Merlin’s going to levitate a stick or unbuckle a horse saddle.

Invisibility is cheaper than telekinesis, so it can’t be a budget issue.

By Tina Calder