COLD READING Reveal Mexican Noir Style Video For TREE DIAGRAM

Switzerland based Indie quintet Cold Reading just released a mind-boggling video about the paradox of time travelling for new single Tree Diagram. The song is the first track taken from the band’s third and final act of their EP-trilogy.

With Part 3: Future Continuous the five-piece enters new territory and tries to look at their style from a different perspective. As a result, the band‘s songwriting has become more experimental and versatile than ever before. The unifying element in Cold Reading’s songs – the melancholy – is no longer mainly driven by wistfulness, but contains a hopeful note. With these four captivating new songs Cold Reading remind us that even the worst times will come to an end at some point.

Lead single Tree Diagram combines influences from Dream Pop, Post-Rock and Indie and pulls the listener in with its unconventional arrangement and direct, expressive lyrics: “The future starts with your decision / Is it good or is it bad? / How could we ever know?”

Singer Michael Portmann describes the lyrical content of the song as follows: “’Tree Diagram’ is all about the many decisions a person makes in his/her life. The exciting thing about this is that on the one hand you commit yourself to one possibility, on the other hand you discard another one. When you look at the sum of all possibilities during a lifetime, the possible life paths resemble the branching of a tree. Making a decision is hard, especially because you can almost never tell if it’s the right one, but I don’t want to be afraid of that anymore, I want to make my decisions with courage. It’s the only way that will make change possible“. The video for the song was shot in Mexico and is inspired by the philosophy of time travel. The protagonist reads a book about the paradox of traveling through time and suddenly notices that he relives the same chapter over and over again. He finds himself stuck in this time loop and is trying to find a way out...”

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Photo by Aira Joana