The intriguing London based project Cocoa Futures – led by Greg Sanderson – shares a dose of urgent pop bliss via stunning single ‘Big Time’, coupled with the ideal video, filmed by Sekou Abineri, directed by Danny Nellis and Wesley Gonzales, to accompany pop-soul gem, ‘Circus’, both released on Lost in the Manor.

Sanderson explains: “Making music is weird – it involves long stretches when I think I’m not very good, then these quick flashes when I think I’m pretty great. I wanted to make a big, bold pop song that pressed these two feelings together”.

On the idea behind the video: “We were excited to have a summery song to work with in a time of inexplicably good English weather. We brainstormed our ideas of what reminded us of summer and we came up with English countryside and UK Garage, so went to juxtapose the two within a surrealist love triangle influenced by the work of Julia Davis. We basically shot a short episode of Neighbours in Kent…Be sure to watch all the way through as an unusual twist occurs in the final scenes, stemming from a recurring dream Danny had of JG Ballard-esque automotive erotica!”

Photo by Sara Amroussi-Gilissen