co_la_press_6_loWatch the amazing video for Co La’s new single ‘Make It Slay’, taken from Co La’s wonderfully unpredictable electronic music album ‘Moody Coup’ (out now on Software Recording Co).

Director Andrew Strasser explains:”‘Make It Slay’ is the kind of jam that inspires angles. When Matt approached me about making a video based around a champagne glass, the choice to animate freed any limits.

This was also another opportunity to mix the message of carbonated “cola”. This video is full of references to 3D animation tutorial culture, but does not glamorize cyber culture. Instead it pits fear in idyllic artificial environments…beauty is your biggest enemy.”COLA_MIS_SCREEN_002Co La is the primary project of Baltimore musician and producer Matt Papich, whose explorations of sample-based electronic music have culminated in ‘Moody Coup’.

Co La’s ‘Moody Coup’ LP is out now on Software Recording Co

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