Close and personal with X Factor contestants

This week Fabulous magazine gets up close and personal with the X Factor contestants and reveals some juicy gossip!

Little Mix may be the longest standing girl band in the history of X Factor history, but they are just normal girls with good days and bad days, “We have ugly days, get spots and upset. We all have confidence issues.”

Little Mix also let slip that they are all single apart from Jade… so sorry guys they are not on the lookout!

Misha B has been through quite a journey on the X Factor, what’s next for her? “I want to make my own video documentary – Misha B: The Story Behind The Voice.”

Misha B has it all planned out and explains to Fabulous that she wants to open up the ‘Misha B – Dream, Believe, Achieve Academy’ to give disadvantaged and misunderstood children a platform.

The comeback girl, Amelia Lily tells Fabulous the truth about her relationship with Frankie, “Frankie and I have been really good friends since boot camp, but nothing has ever gone on between us.”

She certainly has a fair few fans out there – one even sent her an engagement ring with a baby-pink gem in it, maybe to match her hair?

What Fabulous really wants to know though is, are Kitty Bruncknell and Lady Gaga BFFs now? Kitty reveals, “We had a very special time together, she gave me fantastic advice, very personal.”

And she also let slip, she has been dating her boyfriend Derek for 6 months but is taking things slowly.

When Fabulous asked about her feeling towards Misha B her response is, “Hmmm”. We sense friction!

To read the full interview pick up your copy in this Saturday’s Sun.