Cleaning Your Kitchen: Places Not to be Missed

It might not be spring, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth tackling the state of your kitchen. In fact, a new year is the perfect time to re-organise and deep clean one of the most intensively-used rooms of your home. So, if you’re cleaning your kitchen, make sure you don’t miss the following spots.

The salad drawer in your fridge

Doubtless you’ll clean your fridge from top to bottom, but be sure to give your salad drawer a particularly good clean. This area tends to be filled with the debris of fruit and vegetables, as well as a bag of salad leaves that have been lurking for much too long. Remove the drawer entirely, cleaning and drying it thoroughly before returning it back to the fridge.

And, if you have a second fridge or handy cool drawer, don’t forget to clean that one too: even if you only use it for storing alcohol or soft drinks, it could probably do with a thorough wipe-out.

The back splash behind your hob

The area behind the hob largely goes unnoticed, and that’s usually because we’re busy keeping the worktops clean. Give the back splash a thorough wipe down (you may need to use a cleaning product to remove oil splatters), and use a manual toothbrush to really get into the crevices. Be sure to get right into the seal between your back splash and worktop, too.

The extractor hood

Similarly, extractor hoods are often forgotten about when cleaning the kitchen.

Unfortunately, these areas tend to be very sticky with grease, and if left long enough, will also acquire a layer of dust on top. Use very hot, soapy water, adding a cup full of vinegar to the water first if you need a little help cutting through the grease. You can also use a paste of bicarbonate of soda to help remove grease, but test an inconspicuous patch with it first in case it damages your extractor hood.

Your trusty appliances

Some appliances are the daily heroes we use again and again, and the constant use takes a toll on them. So, empty the crumb tray in your toaster, and your properly clean your coffee maker – including all its nozzles including all its nozzles and filters.

Even your kettle is probably looking a little worse for wear, so as a minimum, wipe its exterior down and give the handle a good clean (a dirty kettle is probably something you don’t notice, but your guests certainly will). And if you need to remove the limescale build-up in side your kettle? Try this.

The inside of your microwave

Microwaves tend to be covered in splatters from foods that have been heated too vigorously, so don’t miss this spot when you’re cleaning the kitchen. You can clean your microwave by putting a bowl of water inside it, adding the juice of a lemon and a little bit of vinegar, and then letting it run for a few minutes.

The steam from the bowl will help toloosen food splatters, allowing you to easily wipe the interior of the microwave clean afterwards.The inside of kitchen bin. If your bin liner has ever split or leaked, you’ll know how important it is to clean the bin itself.

But, even if it looks and smells clean enough, give it a quick rinse with hot soapy waterwhile you’re cleaning the kitchen. In future, line every bin liner with a piece of newspaper – it will absorb drips and spills, which ought to keep your bin clean and dry.

Kitchen blinds If you have blinds fitted across your kitchen window, you can guarantee they’ll be a strange combination of slightly greasy and very dusty – especially if they haven’t been cleaned for along time.

So, dip an old sock in bowl of warm water and cleaning solution.Then wring the sock out so it’s damp (but not dripping), placing it over your hand like a glove puppet.

Then take each slat between your hand, dragging it from left to right, cleaning both sides of the slat simultaneously.Pay close attention to the areas above, and your kitchen will be sparkling from top to toe.