By Frank Bell

Known for fusing operatic vocals with a contemporary flair, emerging artist Claudillea lays the year to rest with Requiem.

A necessary farewell to 2020, Requiem showcases Claudillea’s ability to fuse disparate genres seamlessly together. Her voice is powerful and poignant, haunting in it’s natural grace.

Requiem features excerpts from Pie Jesu from Faurè’s Requiem. A requiem is a funeral mass and the Latin text asks for Jesus to ‘grant them rest’. I don’t think of this as a religious song, it’s more that I wanted to make a funeral for 2020”, Claudillea explains. “For most people across the world it was a very difficult year, but I wanted to highlight that we made it through – so let’s put 2020 to rest. It is my first step towards my vision of breaking down music boundaries by bringing standard operatic vocal music into the world of contemporary music.”

A contestant on The Voice this year, Claudillea’s boundary pushing soundscapes combine her love for opera with irresistible pop rhythms. It’s a fascinating hybrid.