Claire Brooks’ new song ‘Millionaire’ is a humorous take on influencer culture

"Mining my own interior experience of how deeply technology has permeated every aspect of my life"
22 February 2023

Claire Brooks, a young and talented musician from LA, is back with Millionaire, a catchy alt-pop song impregnated with her jazz sound and funky production. It’s a light-hearted, entertaining spin on the influencer lifestyle. Get ready to feel good and have some fun!

She is well aware of how toxic influencer culture can be and is doing his best to bring that to light. She uses humorous remarks to express her opinion on the chaos of uncertainty, she’s pointing out that, even for a bit, you can take a break from the persona you’ve shaped for yourself online.

Brooks explains: “I’m making a commentary on influencer culture as a result of mining my own interior experience of how deeply technology has permeated every aspect of my life, only exacerbated by the pandemic.”

She’s making waves with her blend of psychedelic-indie-pop, R&B vox and rhymes; it’s got a real smooth and alluring jazz vibe. We’ve already noticed her creative and stimulating music with her previous Oxygen and Body Language and now with her new track, the LA-based artist still continues to relate to current issues, while staying true to her own experiences and life.

Brooks just graduated from Stanford University with a B.S in Mechanical Engineering. Since she was a kid, she has always been into singing and writing music. Because music has always been the cool cousin to math, Brooks loved math, with its beautiful theorems, symmetric fractals and the triumphant feeling when she found the answer to an equation. She’s amazing with numbers; she can remember phone numbers, license plates and easily convert between different units.

Claire Brooks transcribes the music she hears in her head, with the rhythm and tonality of each melodic line as well as the harmony of each chord. It’s almost like seeing numbers in living color.

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Photos by Justin Ayers