Church Party’s EP ‘Cut The Colours’ truly showcases their captivating sound

"It represents the culmination of our own hard work that has come off our own backs with our own work and initiative"
28 July 2023

Church Party is a Manchester Post-Punk band that is exciting and worth checking out. The band includes Matt Downes on guitar, Michael Copp on drums, Richard Stewart on bass and backing vocals, and Tommy Stewart taking charge of guitar and lead vocals.

The band has just released its first EP, titled Cut The Colours. Bob Cooper (who is known for his work in Jools, Reno & Rome, and Love Is Noise) partnered with them to record and produce this 5-track gem.

In the EP, the band covers a wide range of topics like wild parties, heartbreak, and finding strength again.

Their music has a distinctive sound that completely captures the atmosphere of their city. It’s a cool mix of post-punk, sixties pop, and a touch of fuzzy English grunge.

The EP’s standout track Back In The Room really showcases their sound. The lead singer, Tommy Stewart, wrote it after visiting a friend who had been going through a tough time.

The lyrics create this totally frightening atmosphere with all these lush guitar riffs that clash with super funky bass. On the other hand, the chorus takes a different approach. It’s got those groovy sixties-pop vibes and a whimsical feel. The song’s rich harmonies depict dreamy breakup scenarios.

The band breaks it down even more in their EP explanation: “Cut The Colours represents our first official release as a band since reforming in 2022, having originally been active from 2014-2016. It represents the culmination of our own hard work that has come off our own backs with our own work and initiative. It’s our baby that we are excited to share with the world.”

Each tune of the EP is like a roller coaster ride, with Stewart effortlessly capturing different emotions through his awe-inspiring voice.

Church Party has been making music since 2014 and quickly gained a dedicated fan base in Manchester. They received amazing reviews, but unfortunately, things took a turn when the band suddenly broke up in 2016. It was revealed that the frontman, Tommy Stewart, was dealing with issues such as alcohol and cocaine addiction, as well as his bisexuality which was kept secret until then.

Prepare yourself for a wild ride as he talks about his battles with addiction, depression, and discovering his own sexuality. But it’s not all serious stuff. By throwing in some funny one-liners and adding a catchy beat, he’ll make sure to keep things entertaining.

You can jam out to Church Party‘s Cut The Colours on all your favorite streaming platforms. And if you’re a vinyl enthusiast, there’s only 100 copies available for a limited run, so get your hands on one while you can.

Photos by Jay Johnson