CHRISTY Continues His Rise With THIS ROAD

By Frank Bell

After only 9 months of releasing his iconic love filled tracks in to the world, singer-songwriter Christy has returned with fingerpicked acoustic guitars and poignant lyrics about someone you can’t stay away from on the new single, This Road.

Driven by lo-fi verses of brass strings, Christy’s voice jumps between a soft low growl to a passionate falsetto harmony on the chorus. “Take my hand and walk this road again” sings Christy, who uses his love song experience and honest lyrics to tell a story of going back to someone you love, whether it’s a good idea or not.

This Road is, for me, echoing right back to the very first songs I wrote when I was 16. It is the story of a person that you can’t seem to stay away from and keep going back to even though it’s been proved to be a bad idea time and time again.”

Coming before a new release next year, Christy has exploded onto the scene with his first EP Homegrown seeing over a million streams in 4 months alone. The Glasgow busker’s is FAME ‘Ones To Watch’ in 2021.