By Frank Bell

A true trailblazer, Christopher Corsini (also known as MDL CHLD) is serving up a slice of irresistible rap in his newest release #DFWY.

Opening with distorted synths and pulsating rhythms, MDL CHLD spits no-nonsense bars about not being messed with. Boasting his knack for complex lyricism and ability to maintain a speedy pace, he maneuvers the track with ease.

As an artist who is proud to advocate for accessibility, diversity and inclusivity in the industry, the professional American Sign Language interpreter uses his expertise in the accompanying video, giving a stage to deaf and disabled performers who sign alongside the lyrics. A rare sight in the music scene, his dedication to improving the experience of disabled artists and fans alike is inspiring. 

Having performed alongside the likes of Jay Z and Jonas Brothers using sign language, MDL CHLD is making a significant stamp on the scene, his electrifying performance both live and in the #DFWY video showing the signs of a true star. Not afraid to stand up for what he believes in, big things are round the corner.