BELFAST born Sky News Sunrise anchor Eamonn Holmes is headed back home for Christmas this week. And the star has even dropped a few hints as to what he would like to see under his tree.
“I’m easily pleased, just buy me a lot of old cowboy films and I’m very happy. I’d like something inventive like an iPad I suppose.”

Eamonn also added that he would be spending Christmas with his family and was looking forward to dinner. He said his wife and fellow presenter Ruth Langsford makes an amazing potato.

“I’ll be having the same as everyone else. But Ruth makes roast potatoes with rock salt and cooked in goose fat. There must have been some reason I married her and it was for roast potatoes.”

And when it comes to the music Eamonn will be listening to he says it won’t be what’s battling in the charts.

Eamonn said he won’t be buying either the X Factor winner Matt Cardle or Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro’s singles.

He added: “I wish it was the days that we had Christmas songs that were Christmas songs like Slade and all that.

“It should be something with Christmas in the title.”

MERLIN star Colin Morgan said there’s nothing on his Christmas list that he really wants.

The Armagh born actor, who shot to fame playing lead character Merlin in the BBC drama series of the same name, said he’s looking forward for time off to relax and be himself.
He revealed his favourite Christmas tradition was to watch A Muppet Christmas Carol and and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

For Colin he says after the success of Merlin there’s nothing else he could wish “It’s been crazy. I feel hugely lucky to have had these opportunities come my way, because obviously they don’t have to.

And to work hard on it and get the chance to sort of prove yourself, and to pursue your passion — I mean, for me, acting is a passion and it’s something I’ve wanted to do all my life.

“I feel hugely honoured daily, and I’m so grateful for it. And it’s great as well to get some variety with Merlin as well as the other projects coming up.”

BOYZONE star Ronan Keating has made a strange wish for Christmas.

After getting back with his wife Yvonne following their split earlier this year when she caught him cheating with a dancer, Ronan is staying thankful for what he has.
He said: “I’ve had a tough couple of years. It feels like a fresh start now. We’re building a new family home and we move in next week.

“I want to put everything behind us. I’m still struggling with a lot of things personally, and there’s still a long way to go.

“I’m desperate to get into acting. It’d be cool to play James Bond. I’d love it!”

IF you are dreading those unwanted Christmas presents this year – fear not because comedian Patrick Kielty has the answer.

On Wednesday December 29 at 4pm on Radio 2 Patrick will be “having a bit of a laugh and a bit of a sing-along to some great tunes. Plus you can swap your unwanted Christmas presents for something that you’d actually like.”
He added: “Did you get a soap on a rope for Christmas or maybe a jumper knitted by your great aunt that you wouldn’t even dare wear in a darkened room? Maybe you’ve been to the sales and were fooled by the 90 percent off price tag and got home to find that you really don’t need a singing toilet seat?

“Throughout the week I will be opening up my Swap Shop and inviting you to phone in and swap your presents and sales items for something that you’d actually like.”

IF you’re a fan of Snow Patrol and Gary Lightbody then you might want to spend this Christmas getting a up close and personal with the star.
Gary will be DJ’ing at the Sketchy Xmas Party along with Rigsy and Santa at The Stiff Kitten on Thursday December 23.

PUNK rock star Buck Murdock from bands The Defects and Doghouse says if his family can get out from being snowed in they will be headed to see family in Bangor.
And there’s one Christmas memory the singer will never forget. He revealed: “I’ll never forget getting my Raleigh Chopper when I was about nine or ten. I remember tearing around thinking I was a Hell’s Angel.”

Buck also got an early Christmas present this year when his band The Defects reformed. Now the 80’s punk stars are set to start a UK and Irish tour here in Belfast in February.

GOLFING ace Rory McIlroy found a unique way of saying Happy Christmas to his fans this week.

The sports star posted this pic on his Twitter of himself wearing a Santa hat and wished all his fans a Merry Christmas.
IRISH singer Una Healy joined The Saturday’s bandmates on a trip to Santa’s Grotto this week proving they are never too old to enjoy Christmas.
Una and the girls asked Santa to take this picture to prove they had turned up to collect their presents.

I think it was Santa who thought Christmas had come early!
By Tina Calder