Christmas Activities That’ll Get The Whole Family Involved

By Vanessa B

What have you got planned for Christmas? We all know just how difficult it can be to give the right gifts on Christmas, but we often forget about how hard it can be to get everyone involved and entertained too. Because the Christmas spirit can start to fade away at a certain point, and there’s always one Scrooge among the family or friend group! 

In the interest of keeping the people engaged throughout this holiday period, let’s go through some activities you could plan for the days surrounding Christmas. Get the family together, if you have the chance to, and plan something that’ll really make good use of this time. 

Make Some Fun Food Together

Food is always going to get people to come together; it’s the way to many of our hearts, after all! So when you’re thinking about something to do over the Christmas break, get everyone involved in the kitchen, and whip up some fun creations together. You could even run a competition for who decorates the best Christmas cookies!

Or if you want to do something other than cookies, don’t forget about making mince pies together, or building gingerbread houses in teams. And if it’s only adults around, you could try your hand at making Christmas themed cocktails as well. 

Play a Themed Murder Mystery

Murder mystery games appeal to us all, simply because anything can happen and you can dress up in any way you want. Indeed, there’s nothing quite like accusing your brother, dressed as a priest, of being a murderer when you’re wearing a flapper’s outfit and pretending to be a high society belle! 

So when you’re considering what to do for your next Christmas get together, which might be just around the corner, it might be worth investing in a murder mystery game. They’re not hard to put together, and announcing it to all the invitees will get some real chatter and excitement going! 

Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

And then we come to Christmas Eve, or the big day itself. If you’re sick and tired of the usual ‘hand out presents and everyone opens at once’ scene, you have the chance to do something different this year. Most of all, you can take the time to set up a scavenger hunt for your loved ones to follow, and whoever finds their present first gets an extra bonus prize! 

Scavenger hunts don’t have to be hard to plan ahead for either; just a few code phrases and rhymes will do the trick! If you love detective mysteries and following clues, you probably have a few ideas about the trails you could leav just by reading the phrase ‘scavenger hunt’. But, if you’re someone who loves the idea but has no idea how to set one up, you can follow a guide right here

If you’re planning a big Christmas for all the family, planning some of these activities will keep spirits high and everyone on their toes.