Christmas 2020: Gift Ideas For Adventurers

Adventure lovers have had it tough this year, facing restrictions on travel and local lockdowns that have prevented them from exploring. But additional restrictions just inspire a bit of creativity...
29 October 2020


Adventure lovers have had it tough this year, facing restrictions on travel and local lockdowns that have prevented them from exploring. But additional restrictions just inspire a bit of creativity and it’s still very possible to thrill the thrillseekers in your family and friendship group this Christmas.

Here are a few of our favourite ideas:

Camping gear for adventure lovers

Camping is the ultimate adventure for many people and you’d expect that any true adventurers would already have a stock of camping essentials.

If the adventure lover in your life isn’t already kitted out and you have the budget you can consider the basics of tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats or camp beds, but if they have that covered think about the additional gadgets and accessories that enhance camping.

An excellent head torch, a cooking stove, camping pots and pans, a little luxury with a portable cafetiere or the ultimate in essentials with an all singing, all dancing survival kit – there are endless items to choose from.

The great thing about camping gear is that it will be useful for years to come and can even provide adventure in the garden at home if we all end up needing to lockdown again.

Hiking and walking equipment 

We’ve all had the opportunity to discover our local areas a bit more this year and many people have got out on foot a lot more than before.

Having some basic equipment can enhance the experience to allow people to feel comfortable exploring on a little further afield. 

A power bank for charging devices is a useful tool for anyone who likes to go and get lost in their local environment. An excellent flask and durable water bottles mean refreshments can always be on hand.

A quality backpack is also a huge help. Trendy “outdoorsy” bags that offer style over function are all well and good, but the best outdoor shop daypacks have lots of little features that often make them superior. Things like waist straps to help distribute the weight of the bag when it’s full, bungee cords on the exterior which easily hold a rolled up extra layer or hat and keep it close at hand and pockets perfectly sized to keep a drinks bottle in easy reach.

An experience to look forward to

Experience gifts are always going to be a huge winner with adventure lovers – and there are so many to choose from.

You might consider escape rooms, indoor skydiving, bungee jumping, treetop or forest based adventures – even segway trips offer great fun.

For those of us want or need to remain in the UK, there are lots of ways to continue exploring from abseiling off bridges in the Peak District, from ghyll scrambling in the Lake District to the fastest zipline in the world in North Wales or inland surfing in Bristol.

An adventure story or book

Adventurers tend to love hearing about the adventures of others so why not consider a book that encapsulates the kind of exploring they love to do?

You could think along the lines of a factual survivalist autobiography from someone like Bear Grylls, a travel book – either a guide to a place you know they want to visit or a book that’ll whet their travel appetite. From Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2020 or a fictional adventure story – there are too many to list!

You could help them find the adventure and wonder in their local environment too with a local history book or a guide about native species and plants.

There are so many adventures to be had in the everyday and in the environments around us, even when we need to stay close to home – you’ll be able to make your adventurer’s Christmas special whatever the restrictions!