Aha, so now we know why Christina Aguilera is calling her upcoming album ‘Lotus’.

Comparing herself to the lotus flower, Christina tells Hollyscoop exclusively at the American Music Awards nominations announcement event:

“The album cover represents to me the lotus, the unbreakable flower that withstands the test of time, through the harshest weather conditions or any of the roughest roads, it thrives and it survives.”Laughing, she tells Hollyscoop, “Have I ever been scared to take risks, its kind of a no brainer at this point.”

“That’s how comfortable I am. I’m very comfortable with my body,” says Christina, “No matter what hairstyle, crazy make-up, I’ve always loved the excitement of risk taking and trying something different.

People love it or hate it, but as long as I know I’m staying true to myself I just find it boring to play it safe.”
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