Chris Lanzon and Harmony collide in ‘Angel Litany’

"It’s gratitude and bliss, with the fear and guilt of being undeserving. It’s a desire to please, but never feeling adequate enough"
11 April 2024

Through Spontaneity and Emotional Depths

Indie-pop talent Chris Lanzon collaborates with Harmony, former Girlpool member, on his latest single Angel Litany. Infused with emotional depth, Lanzon transforms life’s spontaneous moments into captivating expressions of beauty and freedom.

Following a productive month-long writing session in LA, Lanzon and Harmony serendipitously unite, igniting an immediate creative spark. Their collaboration gives birth to Angel Litany, a reflective tribute to the charm of spontaneity and the unforeseen beauty discovered within life’s unpredictable journey.

Supported by an acoustic backdrop and an uplifting chorus, the song encourages listeners to take a momentary break amidst life’s tumultuousness. Lanzon’s talent for weaving relatable stories shines brightly once again, elevating Angel Litany to a distinguished position within his body of work.

Exploring the inspiration behind the song, Lanzon delves into the complexities of unconditional love, merging gratitude with feelings of inadequacy and surrender:

“Angel Litany embodies the bittersweet feeling of unconditional love. It’s gratitude and bliss, with the fear and guilt of being undeserving. It’s a desire to please, but never feeling adequate enough. It’s the surrender to the powerful force of love and the sensation of everything falling into place, satisfied but still questioning if it’s too good to be true. It’s an ode to trusting the process and basking in the moment. The songwriting session was very much like this. Harmony and I had only just met, and within an hour this song just poured out of us, without either of us even setting an intention. It just felt right.”

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Lanzon’s musical journey has gained global acclaim, with projects like Far From Perfect and Dark Side, accumulating millions of streams worldwide. Interestingly, Lanzon’s cover of the Goo Goo Dolls’ Iris has garnered over 16 million streams.

With Angel Litany, Lanzon marks his debut with international label LAB Records, signalling a new chapter in his career. With an exciting year ahead, Lanzon continues to cement his status as a rising star in the pop landscape.