Chris Hart shares his honesty and vulnerability with the new feel-good track ‘RUN’

“At the end of the day the end product is something I can be really proud of because It’s a piece of art that came entirely from me.”
26th May 2023

Chris Hart, from Atlanta, GA has been practicing playing numerous instruments like guitar, drums, bass and keys as well as producing since he was a kid.

The Indie artist just dropped a new song, RUN. This pop song is super energetic and uplifting. It’s got the classic elements of a hit track – catchy chorus, cool synth sounds and lovely vocals – plus some indie touches and rock drums for good measure.

An instrumental and guitar break before the last chorus give it an alternative vibe. Hart explains the tale of this single as… “seeing the life you want to live and the long and winding road it takes to get there.” 

The song RUN includes lyrics such as “I wanna be someone who matters, / Someone that could make you stay”, which will make you want to jump up and join in with singing.

Hart has definitely come a long way in his artistic journey and RUN is the perfect example of this. He speaks of the struggles he has faced and how he can be alone, but still succeed in writing and produce it alone, so he can achieve his goals without help.

This song is essentially asking – when things get tough, stay and fight or simply give up?

He had the idea for the melody while taking a shower and quickly saved it in his own sound booth. Then he recorded the guitars, bass, and keys into his computer.

Hart made this song all by himself in his spare bedroom – pretty amazing! He reveals: “At the end of the day the end product is something I can be really proud of because It’s a piece of art that came entirely from me.”

It is no secret that he drew heavily on the music of the Beatles and Beach Boys. However, in recent years, he has managed to create his own sound by gaining influence on contemporary indie pop/rock outfits like COIN and Young the Giant.

Hart takes care of all aspects of the music creation process, from writing lyrics to recording, mixing and mastering.

He tries to be as honest and vulnerable as possible when it comes to his songs. By sharing his inner struggles with depression and anxiety, he aims to help others who feel alone in their struggles.

Hart has used his experience in the music industry to prepare for challenging circumstances. He believes that when dealing with difficult challenges, it is important to stand up and fight, rather than stand in line and run away.

He points out that this inspirational message is useful for everyone who needs a boost of motivation.

“Once you’re on the path,” he explains, “you have to continually ask yourself if you want to keep going and how hard you’re willing to work for it. Every time I play it, ‘RUN’ reminds me that even though the process is difficult, I’m still choosing to work on myself, and I haven’t given up on trying to make my dreams a reality.” 

Photo by Katie Hart