CHL BLACKExciting dark pop princess, Chløë Black, describes herself as a “fatalistically romantic lover of monochrome with a French twist…”. Now she shares ‘Deathproof’, a smartly catchy ode to hedonism and the wildness of youth, produced by TMS.

“Though there are certain parallels – says Chløë – between the song and it’s namesake (the 2007 Quentin Tarantino film) this particular ‘Death Proof’ has no obvious villain. It is a song about jubilant self destruction, a song that captures the ‘fuck it’ moments of youth borne from boredom, depression or simple naïveté.”

ICYMI…here’s ‘Groupie’, her take on anti slut-shaming issue, inspired by her own experiences of the sunset strip rock scene, LA strip club Frank Zappa’s Laurel Canyon, Terry Reid’s 1970 documentary about Groupies and Kenneth Anger’s ‘Scorpio Rising’…A splendidly frank and fetching homage to 1970’s rebellion and sexual liberation icons like Pamela Des Barres and Cynthia Plaster Caster.