Cheryl To Get Her Divorce For Free

Cherlyl Cole is being offered a free divorce by the UK’s leading online divorce service.

Divorce-Online based in Swindon Wiltshire has today offered to deal with Cheryl Cole’s divorce from Chelsea star Ashley Cole for free in order to highlight the fact that UK consumers need not use expensive divorce lawyers to deal with divorces that are uncontested.
Divorce-Online have dealt with over 60,000 uncontested divorces since launching in 2000 and this includes a number of high profile celebrities who preferred to keep their hard earned cash in their pockets rather than line the pockets of lawyers charging by the hour for what is essentially a paperwork exercise.

The X Factor and Girls Aloud star’s impending divorce is a perfect example of the types of cases dealt with by Divorce-Online, in that there is not going to be a fight about finances and although the parties may not be the best of friends they can still deal with their divorce in a civilised and constructive way without spending huge amounts of money on legal fees.
Mark Keenan the founder and Managing Director of Divorce-Online says “ {Cheryl is a national treasure and we will deal with her divorce for free} if it will highlight to the UK public that there are alternatives to spending thousands of pounds on legal fees when you don’t have to”

Mark agrees that where there are likely to be arguments about finances or children then people do need to get legal advice but in many cases where people have sat down and sensibly decided what they want to do, then it makes sense to keep as much money as you can and that means cutting the lawyers out of the picture.