cherub4Check out our Q&A with intoxicating fast rising duo from Tennessee, Cherub (Jason Kelly and Jordan Huber), ahead of their live performance at Wireless on July 13th’ and UK tour.

Charming Jason and Jordan share with us their thoughts on nudity, sexual acts and being handed drugs during songs, love for honest original music and Tennessee…cherub2-e1372834777274First up . How did you come up with the name Cherub, any interesting story behind?

Jordan: my girl has a cousin that is super cute and i overheard someone describing him as a cherub and i really liked the word….it just stuck after that.

How did you meet and decide to start your music project?

Jason: Jordan and I met while we were both studying music production / music management at MTSU just outside of Nashville, TN. Jordan’s like the Cinnamon Toast to my Crunch… part of a well-balanced breakfast.

Jordan: Jason and i met while attending a high speed dating service lunch. all the girls turned us down so we decided to become friends. we found out we both made music and the rest is history. wait, our answers are different….FUCK! cherub3 Are you surprise about the great response you are having in US?

Jason: We are so lucky to get to tour as often as we do, and share our music with as many people as we have the chance to… and we are beyond honored to bring our live show to Europe for the first time this summer!

Jordan: we are definitely really flattered and excited that our music is beginning to spread in the US and extremely excited to play our first round of shows in Europe so that it can hopefully do the same there as well! cherubHow much do you want to have the same success (or more) in UK and Europe?

Jason: We just hope that people enjoy the music and have as much fun at the shows as we do.

Jordan: I think me and jasons goal has always been to get the music out to the most people we can all over the world. The states are great and we are glad to have a buzz starting there but it will be really great to travel all over the globe and having people singing our songs with us!

You have been described as “dance love-child of 80’s funk and pop-music from the future”, can you elaborate a bit on that?

Jason: Neither of us are classically trained musicians, so the music that we make is the music that we learn from what we hear and love. We love it all… from throwback Mariah Carey tunes to futuristic production like Lapalux. cherubWhat’s the idea behind your massive track ‘Doses And Mimosas’?

Jordan: the idea is to have too much of a good time

What is the craziest thing you’ve seen at one of your gigs?

Jason: We’ve had a few couples come on stage and get engaged using song lyrics during some of our shows… that is always a magical moment.

Jordan: we see a lot of crazy things at our gigs. they can range anywhere from nudity, sexual acts during songs, being handed drugs from awesome people up front in between songs, or being bombarded onstage by crazies just trying to get down with the music! at the end of the day we love it all. the crazier the better.

Do you miss Tennessee when you travel around the world?

Jordan: I definitely miss tennessee when gone. we have a house there and friends we like to kick it with as much as possible. also, plenty of food spots that we frequent and miss not eating at when we are gone.

Are you going to watch any gigs at Wireless?

Jason: Justin Timberlake + Jay-Z for sure! I wish we would be able to catch the Calvin Harris set too…

Jordan: as many as possible. the whole time in Europe i really just want to do as much as possible. this is going to be whole bunch of new experiences for us and i want to experience them to the fullest! plus my little brother who is living in milan, Italy is flying in just to kick it with me at the festival!!! we are gonna see a lot of gigs.

After the summer, whats next for Cherub?

Jason: We’ve been in back in the studio working on a new record, so hopefully we will be giving everybody a taste of some new songs very soon…

Jordan: Do more!!! more music, more videos, more pictures, more shows, more lights, more locations, MORE MORE MORE

By Fabrizio Belluschi ©

Cherub’s new EP ‘100 Bottles’ on iTunes NOW!

UK dates:
July 13 – Wireless Festival – London, UK
July 14 – Lottarox Festival Preview – London, UK
July 15 – Old Blue Last – London, UK
July 24 – Death2Disco – London, UK
July 25 – St Pancras Sessions – London, UK
July 26 – Secret Garden Festival – Huntingdon, UK
July 27 – Wickerman Festival – East Kirkcarswell, UK
July 28 – Kendal Calling Festival – Penrith, UK