CHERITON On Indie Pop Bedroom Surf Opera

By Vasco Dega

Guitar-pop crooner CHERITON – aka Nick Harrison – returns and shines with his lush new single So In Love out now via So Good So Good.

Hi CHERITON! How are you today?

Hey FM 🙂 Im well thank you keeping busy! 

What’s your new single ’So In Love’ all about?

So In Love is a song about time, its about growing after a relationship has ended and how love endures.  It’s an ode to love for those who have loved and for those in love.

Who are your biggest influences?

My family and friends, relationships old and new have influenced and continue to influence my writing. My two biggest influences musically though would be Prince for his diversity and evolution & The Beatles for their craftsmanship and collaboration.  Both super prolific artists also which is something I strive for!

Describe your sound in five words:

Indie Pop Bedroom Surf Opera…easy!

If you could collaborate with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

I think me and Smokey Robinson could write the saddest song of all time.. Id love to have jammed ukulele with George Harrison.. I’d give  playing drums for Hiatus Kaiyote a go… with Prince on bass.. to many to mention tbh.

How have you kept yourself entertained during lockdown?

Like everyone I’ve written a lot.. thought I’d nailed the album! When listening back realised that wasn’t the case!  I made a music video, I recorded two new singles.. I baked banana bread.. I clapped on Thursdays.. I just tried to keep going like everyone else.  Releasing music is my way of staying connected, by trying to inject some love and positivity back into the world.

What’s the music scene like in Kent at the moment? Any new artists you can recommend?

The music scene across whole of the UK is going through a bit of a tough time atm.. #RIPLIVEMUSIC But Sports Team & Will Joseph Cook are both smashing it and flying the flag for Kent 🙂

What are your plans for the rest of 2020?

Few singles I mentioned before in the pipeline.. some merch giveaways! Exciting.. I wanna keep collaborating and making/releasing music so that when we are all allowed back together we can party hard!

Where can we find you online?


Any last words?

Avenge me!!!