Cher Lloyd has admitted for the first time that being on the X Factor turned her into a monster.

In an exclusive and brutally honest interview with The Sun’s Fabulous Magazine she revealed: “I was a beast! Everyone hated me. I was young and foolish.

Part of me was trying to show I was strong enough to do it, and then I think it all got too much for me. I was angry with the way I was being edited and because of that I turned into this horrible person, with a terrible attitude.”

Now Cher has used her experience in front of tens of millions of viewers to launch her career in the USA, signing a deal with American record exec LA Reid.

She explained: “It’s a blessing that I didn’t win the show, I’m glad I came fourth because otherwise I wouldn’t be doing all this now…I might have come from a reality TV show, but I’m not a puppet and I won’t be treated like one.”

But despite her outspoken façade, deep down the young singer still battles enormous insecurity.

She said: “I struggle with my appearance, I’m really picky with clothes and sometimes that can put me in situations where people think that I’m being a brat. But really it’s my self-confidence. I feel I’m too skinny and it’s really difficult.”

Cher also talks about her relationship with hairdresser Craig Monk for the first time with Fabulous: “He knows me completely.”

However, she keeps her lips sealed when asked how Craig, who’s now her fiancé, proposed to her: “I’m not saying, I’ll get really embarrassed. It’s a bit private. What we’ve got together is so close and I’ve got him to myself. He’s the one thing I‘m allowed to myself!”
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