Check-Ups You’ll Need Now We’re Out of Lockdown

By Vanessa B

Lockdown kept us stationary for a long time. We looked after ourselves in new ways, exploring recipes and diets and new exercise regimes, but we abandoned a few things along the way. Due to lockdown closing clinics and services, people had to go without until the doors opened up again. Finally, that day has come and there are a few things overdue for a checkup. Read on for our list of things you should deal with now that you can.  

Health Assessment

A lot can happen in a year and a half and with all the talk of patients with long-term and fatal conditions moved out of hospitals or too scared to approach a doctor during the early days of lockdown, it is sure to have been a Jiminy Cricket voice in your head saying, “You should get checked.”

The catch-all checkup for adults would be a health assessment. A preventative health check using non-invasive tests to give an overview of your current health. You can flag up any specific concerns you have and will be delivered follow-up appointments if you need them. 


Has your car been sitting in the drive for over a year, never feeling the touch of your hand on her steering wheel? She might be suffering. 

The most likely scenario when you finally fire her up is not that you will embark on a cross-country road trip with the pedal to the floor and the music blaring, but that she will simply not move. A dead battery can occur if you leave your car for a long time, causing the engine to refuse to crank. While you were inside watching Matt Hancock give speeches, your car battery was slowly discharging. 

There might also be issues with tires deflating due to the full weight of the car resting on it for a long amount of time, as well as moisture buildup inside causing corrosion in areas like the gas tank and brake fluid reservoir. 

If your MOT isn’t soon, have your car serviced to see if only one trip to the supermarket a week has affected your car in any way, even if she’s still moving. It would be better to catch something small now rather than having it evolve into something big and cause a breakdown.

Dentist visit

Dentists recommend at least two visits from their patients per year. Through lockdown alone, we have all probably missed two, but ever since the dentists’ doors opened, unless you have something particularly painful bothering you, it’s likely to take a back seat. 

Chances are you could end up regretting it. Even the most diligent flosser needs to see the dentist regularly for a cleaning and checkup. Your dentist will remove calculus and plaque and look out for cavities and other potential issues that could turn into something worse down the line. Take a look at online dental clinics like Straight My Teeth for information on dental procedures to present to your dentist if something is bothering you.


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