Chatbots And Voice Searches | Tools That Digital Marketer Should Embrace

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are AI powered software capable of running singular task programs. The chatbots are designed to reduces costs, be more accurate more conversational and engaging with the audience it is interacting with. Chatbots supports voice inputs and text inputs, therefore it offers first-hand human interaction. Chatbots not only provides an alternate to human running customer support center but it also gives you valuable and cost-effective insights to data that customers are generating with their interactive touchpoints with chatbots.  Nowadays chatbots are using machine learning which further improves interactions and generates effective and efficient output. Many social media platforms like Facebook and successful companies like Coca Cola, Unilever and others are using chatbots on their sites for their contact support or for various marketing campaigns. Google Home and Google Assistant are other examples that are used commonly.

What are key elements chatbots are offering?

The key elements chatbots are offering are as follows

  • Cost-effective: The customer support system which must be operated actively 24 hours requires manpower and operational expenses. The installation of chatbots is a one-time cost and it gives you great reduction in cost. 
  • Accuracy and availability: Chatbots generate more accurate results as their strategy is to take input and generates insights, with human involvement it takes more time and there is also human chance of error which is more probable than machines technical error. 24 hours availability is also a key factor. It can also deal with multiple customers at the same time.
  • More conversational:  Chatbots are more conversational as they are designed to be friendly and interactive with customers. Customers do not feel like they are talking to bots, in fact it uses jokes to make conversations more realistic and friendly.

Voice Searching

Voice searching is more common technique of searching content in the market. It is simply putting your text commands in voice form, it is an easier and efficient way to use electronic appliances an gadgets. Since it is predicted that half of all online searches will be made through voice search by 2020, there are more chances that it will change the landscape of digital marketing strategy. Digital marketers use SEO optimization on text contents but using voice searches have different techniques. People uses different tones, accents and styles of phrasing like we will ask Google Assistant or Apple Siri “What’s the shortest route to my workplace?” instead of searching “directions to (_specific name_) workplace”. The entire search technique is changing and will tremendously change in future. 

Key elements voice searches offering 

  • Easier: It is easier for customers to interact with their voice and therefore company will gain another handful touchpoint.
  • SEO Optimization: Voice searches ca be SEO optimized therefore it gives digital marketer to increase their chances of content to appear ahead.
  • Personal Insights:  It also give personal insights as voice searches is used more often in day to day activities, its gives deeper insight about personality and moods, which can be very useful for digital marketers.

Opportunity to grab on

As it is known that the digital market landscape is changing, we will see chatbots and voice searching using more commonly and frequently. Digital marketing strategies will heavily depend on these elements, to brush up and polish your skills on these techniques there are numerous courses online. Remember both elements will have significant impact on customer inputs and insights on company products. So it will be very handful and productive in the future.