By Lucio F

Bringing her own unique operatic pop style to a modern classic, rising singer-songwriter Charlotte Rosse has tackled Dua Lipa’s track, Hallucinate, as one of the many stripped-back acoustic cover songs on her upcoming EP.

Exchanging the original’s electronic waves and club night drumbeat for a more soulful and philharmonic feel, the Polish artist makes sure that her command of the lyrics is center stage, as she shows her versatility with both powerful belts and the high to low vocal gymnastics. For the acoustic EP, she is accompanied by subtle piano keystrokes and a chorus of background voices to exemplify her own, while choosing a pop blockbuster to cover that we already love.

With influences from the 90s soul of Mariah Carey to Whitney Houston, Charlotte explains how she came to choose a track from musical giant Dua Lipa’s arsenal. “While choosing songs for my acoustic EP I wanted to pick one song that everyone knows and is currently on the radio with a potential to be rearranged in an unexpected way. I decided to take on the challenge of making a soulful track out of Dua Lipa’s dance style Hallucinate.”

After having burst onto the scene earlier this year with her own single, Raise A Toast, Charlotte Rosse has since used her operatic music training and classical inspirations to cut her own path through the music industry. With a fairy tale story of moving to London to evade an abusive music teacher before breaking into the new scene, her version of Hallucinate is the next step in her journey through pop.