Charlotte Day Wilson. Revealing the rich layers of ‘Cyan Blue’

“This song is meant to remind us that losing love & leaving can be just as inspiring as finding it"
22 February 2024
Photo by Emily Lipson

Toronto’s own Charlotte Day Wilson returns to the music scene with the announcement of her eagerly awaited sophomore album, Cyan Blue, set for release on May 3rd through Stone Woman Music / XL Recordings. Alongside the album reveal, Wilson gifts her audience with the soul-stirring single I Don’t Love You, a track that showcases her pristine production talent and spine-tingling vocals against the backdrop of soothing piano grooves and gentle percussion.

The single is complemented by a captivating visual directed by Dani Aphrodite, which employs lo-fi footage to provide a glimpse into Wilson’s everyday life, from home performances to reflective moments alone in her car, a recurring motif throughout Cyan Blue. The artist shares, “This song is meant to remind us that losing love & leaving can be just as inspiring as finding it,” offering a nuanced perspective on love and departure.

Cyan Blue is described by Wilson as a cyan-hued tapestry woven from her deepest influences: resonant gospel pianos, soulful basslines, ethereal electronics, and evocative R&B melodies. The album marks a new chapter for Wilson, characterized by her embrace of collaboration and a fresh creative openness, imbued with a mix of nostalgia and introspection. She aims to recapture the unblemished perspective of her youth while wishing to bestow her current wisdom onto her younger self.

I want to look through the unjaded eyes of my younger self again,” Wilson explains “Before there wasn’t as much baggage, before so much life was lived. But I also wish that my younger self could see where I am now. It would be nice to be able to impart some of the wisdom and clarity that I have now onto her.” 

Photo by Emily Lipson

Collaborating with notable producers such as Leon Thomas and Jack Rochon, Wilson’s Cyan Blue promises an evolution in her approach to songwriting and music production. Across 13 enthralling tracks, she explores relationships and self-discovery, moving away from her perfectionist inclinations to embrace the authenticity of the moment.

She reveals: “Before, I was extremely intentional about creating music with a strong foundation, a bed of artistic integrity. But that was a bit stifling, like, ‘Let me just make a great piece of art that will stand the test of time, no pressure.’ Now, I think I’m getting out of this frozen state of needing everything to be perfect. I’m more interested in capturing feelings in the moment as they happen and leaving them in that moment.”

Despite Cyan Blue being only her second album, Wilson’s influence has been profound within the music industry. Since her breakout in 2016 with the EP CDW and subsequent releases, she has been recognized and sampled by the likes of Drake, John Mayer, and James Blake. Her collaborations range across the musical spectrum, from Kaytranada to BADBADNOTGOOD, showcasing her versatility and the unique “cyan-colored” touch she brings to every project.

As Cyan Blue prepares to make its mark, Charlotte Day Wilson stands ready to deepen her impact on the music world, inviting listeners into a reflective journey of love, loss, and the beauty of change.