Charlie Risso dazzles with ‘Alive’

"It's an anthem of embracing life, dancing in the sweet melody of love, and finding solace in the power of being truly alive"
16 February 2024
Photo by Pierluigi DeRubertis

Through her newest release, Alive, from the eponymous album, Charlie Risso further solidifies her reputation as a profoundly sensitive and visionary singer-songwriter. Hailing from Genoa and shaped by her experiences in Milan and London, Risso’s global upbringing lends her music a unique blend of melancholy and the capacity to cross both cultural and linguistic divides.

From her acclaimed debut, Ruins of Memories, in 2016, produced by the renowned M. Cominotto, to the innovative sounds of her 2020 album Tornado, inspired by Angelo Badalamenti’s eerie compositions, Risso has consistently earned accolades for her fusion of indie, dream pop, and rock. This musical journey was expanded upon with the 2022 EP The Light, showcasing her maturing artistry and ability to resonate across a broad audience spectrum.

The release of Alive in April 2024 represents a significant milestone in Risso’s career. The album, produced by Nicola Baronti and featuring collaborations with distinguished artists like Hugo Race, H.E.R., and Roberto Dell’Era, delves into the essence of the human spirit, navigating through the soul’s varied landscapes with Risso’s emblematic lyrical and musical skill.

The title track Alive is a reflection of Risso’s artistic development and her knack for creating music that touches on universal human experiences. Inspired by remote locales and the complex tapestry of human emotions, the album interlaces themes of desire, affection, and the profound sense of being alive. Spanning genres from folk-soul-blues to intimate acoustic ballads, Alive is subtly influenced by David Lynch, a long-standing muse for Risso.

Risso explains: “Alive is a heartfelt song that delves into feelings of loneliness and longing. In the midst of a lonesome haze, the desire for connection and the touch of a loved one becomes a beacon of hope. The song beautifully explores the sense of being alive when surrounded by someone’s warmth and presence. With its poignant melody and evocative lyrics, “Alive” is an anthem of embracing life, dancing in the sweet melody of love, and finding solace in the power of being truly alive.

Each piece in the album is a vivid depiction of the vast array of emotions that define our existence, created with the attention to detail and depth that Risso’s music is known for. Immersing into Alive invites us to engage with our deepest feelings, to truly listen, and to savor the enchanting beauty encapsulated in Risso’s sonic world, pushing the limits of musical expression.

Charlie Risso’s latest creation serves as a lighthouse for those searching for comfort in music, guiding us on a voyage of the heart and soul that’s bound to echo within us long after the music ceases.