Charity Children share their quirky yet personal video for their single ‘She Still Wants You’

By Vee D

Charity Children create an enticing juxtaposition with the video for their track ‘She Still Wants You’, taken from their third album ‘Almost Young’. Exploring the difficulties of taking advice from friends when it’s so easy to dish it out, the ex-lover musical duo share some striking and suitably retro visuals in the form of the accompanying video, pairing the song’s uplifting sound with a flamboyant live performance scene whilst showing the toll that heartbreak can bring. Charity Children are known for their catchy and off-beat lyrics and performances and ‘She Still Wants You’ is no different.

Speaking about the track, Charity Children share: “One of the overarching themes of the album is giving the sort of unsolicited advice to friends that you should be following yourself. ‘She Still Wants You’ is an example of this. Although clearly written to someone else in a moralistic way about how that friend should be letting go of a fading love for the sake of another- I was at the time perpetuating the same sort of behavior. It’s always easier to give advice than to take it and projecting outwards often clarifies my inward dilemmas, helping me take the advice I can so easily dish out.”


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