Tess and Danny Ocean

We all like to push the boat out from time to time with a spectacular night out. But what is the best venue? Dinner is fine, but you can’t sit eating all night. The theatre? Night club? Or an even at the opera, perhaps? All of them have their place, but for out and out sophistication, nothing can beat the glamour of a top casino.

Casinos rising in popularity

The digital revolution has had a strange impact on casino culture. Where once it was seen as something of an exclusive club for the James Bonds and Danny Oceans of this world, the popularity of online gaming, along with the reduced house edge and free bonuses that the online casinos offer, has opened up the market to literally everyone. Suddenly there are hundreds of online casinos out there, and the database at www.thecasinodb.com gives you a flavour of the choice that is available.


Of course, one thing that the online versions cannot do is bring you the sounds, smells and atmosphere of a real world casino, although the latest virtual reality offerings are getting ever closer. If you have honed your skills online and become a master or mistress of the slots, the roulette wheel or the blackjack table, perhaps it is time to put on that DJ or cocktail dress and pay a visit to one of the top casinos on the planet to show them how it’s done.

Everyone loves Monte

Others might be bigger, brasher and glitzier, but there is only one Monte Carlo Casino. The place is the stuff of legends, and when it comes to famous clientele it is easier to ask who hasn’t been here than who has. Of course, it has featured in numerous James Bond films as well as being the setting for Ocean’s 12 and various other movies.

The Bellagio, Las Vegas

From the sublime to the ridiculous? The razzmatazz of The Strip in Vegas could not be further removed from the sophistication of Monte Carlo, but this is the place where the world’s high rollers congregate. From the moment you see its spectacular fountains performing their seemingly gravity defying show, you know you are in for something extra special at the Bellagio. As well as the casino, it is home to designer stores, fine dining restaurants and one of the most luxurious hotel experiences on the planet.

The Ritz, London

If understated elegance and class are your thing, nowhere does it better than The Ritz Club. Dark wood, rich tapestries and plush leather abound, and it is like stepping back into another age. Given that this is one casino where traditional dress code rules apply, it is easy to imagine that you could bump into Commander James Bond, at any given moment.

Casino Baden-Baden

This lesser known spot close to Germany’s Black Forest is one of the most historic and exclusive casinos in the world. Baden-Baden used to be the gambling destination of choice for the rich and famous when they felt Monte Carlo was a little too high-profile. Leo Tolstoy and Marlene Dietrich were among its famous patrons, and the décor and sense of luxury has changed little over the past century.