Centric and CJae team up for a groundbreaking Afrobeat and R&B fusion in ‘Do Time’

“Inspiration can come from a variety of places. When I’m inspired to create, I usually craft a blueprint of the melody in my head and go from there"
9 July 2024

Centric and CJae have joined forces to ​deliver a groundbreaking blend of Afrobeat and R&B in their latest release, Do Time. Witnessing their musical synergy firsthand is getting us amped for Redlight, their upcoming album that’s poised to venture into uncharted territory, merging diverse sounds and fostering a fresh harmonic direction. From the outset, Do Time captivates listeners with infectious rhythms, soulful melodies, and intricate electronic production that define the modern R&B soundscape. 

With CJae’s powerful vocals, the song gains an appealing Emotional edge, and that hook is impossible to shake. When you break the law, expect to face the music – and that means serving time. Centric lets us in on the secret to their fruitful collaboration with CJae, citing an easy, instinctive flow that shaped the track from start to finish.

Centric explains: “Inspiration can come from a variety of places. When I’m inspired to create, I usually craft a blueprint of the melody in my head and go from there. CJae’s songwriting ability is amazing. He wrote the record. I believe he goes off where my melody takes him emotionally. We just have great chemistry. I initially reached out to feature him on a single called ‘Timing’.  The song came out so well we just started creating music non-stop which eventually turned into our upcoming album ‘Redlight’.”


Mixed by Alex Delgado and Centric, and mastered by Bobby Below, Do Time also features contributions from Josh ‘Chozen’ Sanders, Joylin Music, and Wassim Rahmani, enhancing its sonic richness and complexity. A commitment to rigorous quality control is what sets Centric and CJae apart – their combined expertise serves up a live music experience that resonates deeply. Christopher Louray Mandujan, known professionally as Centric, has built a formidable career as a music composer and producer. 

Centric finds inspiration in Quincy Jones and modern producers like 9th Wonder. As Redlight follows hot on the heels of Do Time, Centric reinforces his reputation as a driving force behind modern music’s most innovative sounds.

 As Centric and CJae team up on Do Time, the collaborative synergy is palpable – these two unmistakable talents have created something that not only thrills the senses but also gives a sneak peek into the bold directions their album will take. Stay tuned as Centric prepares to unveil ‘Redlight’, promising an immersive journey into Afrobeat and R&B innovation that is sure to captivate audiences worldwide.