The ten celebrities heading into the jungle for the brand new series of Im A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! are:

Playboy model Kayla Collins, Olympic gold medalist Linford Christie, Hollywood movie star Britt Ekland, Sheryl Gascoigne, actor Nigel Havers, presenter Gillian McKeith, former Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik, singer Shaun Ryder, rapper Aggro Santos and X Factor finalist Stacey Solomon.

Stacey Solomon

X Factor finalist Stacey Solomon fears she is going to be voted by the British public to take part in every single trial.

Admitting she is scared of bugs and does get claustrophobic, Stacey who came third in last year’s hit show thinks she will win lots of votes because people will want to see her make a fool of herself in the trials.

I am the type of person to squeal and I do think I will be voted for every trial. I can see that happening she says, grinning. Being locked up in a coffin is the one trial she dreads the most. Or if there is one with alligators, she adds. I am scared of bugs too. Urgh! And I am claustrophobic. I do think people are going to laugh at me.

Playboy model Kayla Collins

Playboy model Kayla Collins is ready to fall in love under the jungle stars.

The pretty 23-year-old, who has modelled for the Playboy magazine in the US, says she is single and she is up for a romance if she meets the right man.

I am single, says Kayla. I think if I had a boyfriend, it would have been a lot harder decision for me (to do this). I have no boyfriend, no commitments and I am excited to get away for a bit. It’s going to be me time.

Would I fall in love in the jungle? Yes I would if someone was of interest. I love athletic guys, a great personality and someone who is funny. Personality is very important to me.

As a former Olympic and World Champion, Linford Christie is used to training hard but he says nothing can prepare him for life in the jungle.

The 50-year-old track runner, who is the only British man to have won gold medals in the 100 metres at all four major competitions open to British athletes, admits taking part in the programme is something completely out of his comfort zone.

When you are competing for a race, you know what you are doing, he explains. This is unknown. It is going to be hard work and you do wonder what it is going to be like.

I am trying not to think about it too much though as otherwise it will stress you out. The best thing to do is face it all when you get there.

Linford Christie

Former Happy Mondays lead singer Shaun Ryder can’t wait to try a crocodile and other weird bugs in the celebrity jungle.

But the outspoken star, who led a very rock n’ roll lifestyle in his heyday in the late eighties and early nineties before his public battle with drugs led to the break-up of his band in 1992, admits he is dreading being back in front of the TV cameras after keeping out of the limelight for so many years.

Shaun Ryder and Aggro Santos

The 48-year-old, who has had to pull out of a tour with the Gorillaz to go on the hit ITV1 programme, reveals: I am really dreading being on television 24/7, watched by millions of people. I decided to stay away from telly for a good few years.

Rapper Aggro Santos is used to rubbing shoulders with sexy women he has just had a chart hit with Pussycat Dolls Kimberly Wyatt and he is set to release a new single featuring Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh and so it’s no surprise to learn then, that the pop star is hoping there will be some pretty girls he can chat to in the jungle.

Aggro who reached number five in the charts with his debut single Candy earlier this year selling over 250,000 copies hopes his sexy fellow celebrities will help quell any spells of boredom.

MP Lembit Opik

Smiling, he says: If I am bored, I hope there are some interesting girls in there to talk to.

But the cheeky rapper isn’t necessarily looking for love under the stars.

“I am single, but I am not looking to go into the jungle to fall in love!” he stresses, I’m hoping for a great adventure.

Former Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik believes working in the House of Commons has provided him with the best possible training to cope in the jungle.

Lembit, who lost his seat for the constituency of Montgomeryshire in Wales in this year’s General Election, laughs as he reveals: The best preparation I have had for this has been the House of Commons which is a jungle without the trees!

I don’t know which is harder life in the cabinet or life in camp, but I will tell you when I get out.

But I am not bothered about the crocodiles or bugs. The trials don’t bother me, and I am actually looking forward to them, rather than dreading them. The thing I am most looking forward to though is having a laugh in the jungle.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!
Starts on Sunday 14th November on ITV1 & ITV2

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