Celebrity Pets: Pets Who Are Almost as Famous as their Celebrity Owners

For celebrities who have to deal with legions of fans clamouring for their attention, pets often hold special significance as the only fans who can’t be influenced by their social media status or how many followers they have.
23 November 2020

By Moni Bell

Pets play an important role in the household, being a source of love and happiness for animal lovers that is hard to beat. For celebrities who have to deal with legions of fans clamouring for their attention, pets often hold special significance as the only fans who can’t be influenced by their social media status or how many followers they have. 

Often being as comfortable around cameras as their owners, celebrity pets have been known to steal the limelight on more than one occasion, with some pets becoming almost as famous as their owners. Here are some great examples. 

Oscar (Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber)

In 2018, animal lovers were thrilled to see one of their favourite celebrity couples add a new member to their family in the form of Oscar, an adorable Maltese Yorkie poodle that Bieber introduced to the world as his “dogson”. Since then, the furry little ball of fun has captured the hearts of many fans of the two celebrities with his personality and ease in front of the camera. However, it was Oscar’s appearance at the second wedding of this A-list couple that saw Oscar rise to true pet celebrity status. Appearing all suited up in his little tuxedo, over a crisp white shirt, of course, Oscar wowed wedding guests and Instagram fans alike and secured himself a place in the doggy hall of fame. 

Mrs Wallis Browning (Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi)

A celebrity known for her love of animals, Ellen DeGeneres has a long history with dogs and rescues in particular. It was thus no surprise when the famed talk show host added a new member to her family; a three-month-old rescue puppy that the celebrity chose to name Mrs Wallis Browning. 

The standard poodle puppy was rescued from a home where she was housed in a cage with no shelter from the hot desert sun. With barely any space to move around, the puppy had never had the chance to act like a real puppy until her adoptive parents came along. After being rescued from the home, Mrs Wallis Browning spent a short time at The Wagmor before she captured the eye (and heart) of the DeGeneres family. 

MACA (Zac Efron)

Another celebrity who believes in supporting only pet outlets that are humane is Zac Efron, who welcomed a new fur baby to his home in 2018. Named MACA, the shelter dog was scheduled to be put down before Efron stepped in and agreed to foster her temporarily. However, after staying with Efron for just a short while, MACA had already stolen the heart of The Greatest Showman actor and soon she became a permanent member of the Efron household. 

Chaplin (Jessica Chastain) 

A keen supporter of the Humane Society of the United States, Jessica Chastain is a long-time animal lover with a long history of keeping rescue animals. Probably the most famous of her pets is Chaplin, a three-legged rescue dog who Chastain once described as “the love of [her] life”. 

Since Chaplin’s adoption, the sweet little mixed-breed poodle has followed his celebrity mom around the world, having made numerous appearances at animal-friendly photoshoots and events over the years. Due to his celebrity status, according to some reports, Chaplin is now worth more than the average American with Celebrity Pet Worth putting her worth at $69,200. 

In speaking about her little bundle of joy, Chastain has always been firm in her insistence that people treat Chaplin as they would a regular dog despite his missing limb. Although the star has never spoken up about health issues associated with amputations, dogs with the same type of disability as Chaplin often suffer from joint pain and arthritis due to the extra strain put on the remaining limbs. Many pet owners choose to use joint health supplements for dogs to help alleviate pain associated with this type of strain. Joint health supplements for dogs from companies like YuMOVE are specially formulated to assist with the daily management of stiffness and pain and support joint structure for long-term relief. 

Saké and Soba (Kim Kardashian West) 

As the fur children of one of the most influential people on the planet, Saké and Soba are considered some of the luckiest dogs in the world. The pair of Pomeranians were introduced to Kardashian West’s 157 million-strong following in 2019 when the star asked for help in naming the two cute little bundles of fur. The two little purebred dogs join an already bustling household that has, over the years, been home to numerous different pets including a teacup pig, a peacock, almost two dozen dogs, numerous cats as well as a few hamsters. 

Norman and Bambi (Kylie Jenner) 

Kim Kardashian West is not the only one in the Kardashian household who has a love for animals, although Kylie Jenner has historically been more likely to show off her fur babies on social media. Jenner’s two Italian greyhounds, named Norman and Bambi, are Instagram regulars who have often been pictured taking advantage of some of the extravagant gifts that Jenner enjoys spoiling them with. One of the most iconic gifts Jenner has given her fur children comes in the form of an extravagant “guest house” that Jenner had installed in her backyard. The home, which is doggy-sized for convenience, features both heating and cooling so that the pampered Jenner pets will have a place to relax all year round. 

Celebrity pets may look like they are living the best life, but it is important to note that pet owners don’t need huge budgets and extravagant toys to keep their furry friends healthy and happy. Pet owners of a celebrity status have a responsibility to offer their pets the best quality of life they can while they are still blessed with their company.  


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