silvenarow3If you have ever seen the Fame team out on the town you will know we love our food (let’s leave the drink conversation til another time, eh?). Which means when we get the chance to interview a renowned chef we will all be chomping at the proverbial bit to get the gig.

We got the nod this time and we had a great time meeting the striking female chef Silvena Rowe. Here are highlights from this meeting.

Hi Silvena. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us at Fame. You have a TV show on BBC2 in April. What can you tell our readers about it?

I will be driving around the beautiful countryside in a 1960’s original Citroen van, all equipped with a kitchen, making stops to local country shows to compete with local talent. And what talent the locals have, I was blown away by the skills of home cooks in the counties! silvenarow1 We like the sound of that. So what was it like going head to head with some of the UK’s finest local chefs?

As you will see in the first episode I appear most blasé about it all, not realising what’s what! As we go along, the competition and winning it is the focus of everyone who entered. The people I will be competing with will be farmer’s wives, women’s institute members and so on. Their skills were phenomenal; most have been entering year after year for over 15-20 years! Indeed they were UK’s local finest!

Did you pick up any new ideas or tips along the way?

Yes of course and I was amazed at the generosity in people of sharing their tips!silvenarow2 Even though this series has yet to be screened are there any hints of a second one?

Yes there are, a lot of international interest too! Especially from the US. After all the show contains some of the most beautiful scenery, as well the finest of cooks!

You have been on our TV screens regularly (on Saturday Kitchen and This Morning amongst other shows). Would you mind giving us an idea of exactly how much work you put into such an appearance? We must assume it takes a lot of preparation and planning?

I love live TV, unlike some other presenters who prefer to pre record. I am not a diva but do like to have my make up done, which can take about 30-40 minutes. With regards the food, everyone who presents in cooking TV shows, has a home ec. So a good home ec, who knows your food and style, is very important! You are as good as your home ec, I might even say!silvenarow What do you prefer, being a guest on a TV cookery show or hosting your own?

Depends, I will always love to be a guest on Saturday Kitchen, James and I have such great relationship, but one day I’d like to have my own show to present too. Possibly with some one else, as I do like to have a good banter!

Whilst our readers may know you from your TV appearances. Many we are sure would love to know how you got into the industry and how you found media fame?

I have always been a greedy child when it comes to food, so I just remain greedy and love, love, love food. I love looking at it, making it, buying it, cooking it, creating it!

When you are so devoted to something then it shows and being on TV is great, as it hopefully inspires others too! Also I am rather alternative and outspoken on TV, just like in real life, so everyone finds me rather fun and entertaining! It is the real me, you cannot lie on TV screens!silvenarow4Was it hard to adapt to cooking in a studio, instead of a restaurant?

I can cook in every condition, I will moan about it endlessly if conditions are poor, but I will make the best of it. Studios are of course not like a restaurants, I miss my whole chef’s brigade there…haha! But as I mentioned before we do get some help.

May we ask you what your dream was when you embarked on this career path and if it has changed since then?

My dream has changed now. I still want to have a restaurant but cooking on TV has become something that is enjoyed by so many and I have surely made a name for myself now. I have become a lot more interested in inspiring women of all walks of life!

Finally Silvena I have always wanted to ask a chef if they enjoy cooking for themselves when they get home, or do they long for a takeaway menu/ready meal after a long day in the kitchen?

Sundays are my cooking day. My kitchen is a like a military field, so much going on, I am the General! Takes hours to make the most glorious Sunday roast and only minutes to demolish, in my household, anyway!

Country Show Cook Off airs on BBC 2 from April 1-5th at 6:30pm