celebrities-who-play-lotteryDreams can make people buy lottery tickets, hoping to go from “rags to riches”. However, when celebrities also seek to go from “rags to riches’, it makes people wonder what the hell is happening, despite these people having all the money they can ever need. But it should be noted that celebrities are regular people like everyone else. Since they are humans with valid dreams, they are also entitled to have these hopes and dreams of making quick money. For this reason, we did some research to expose some of the famous celebrities who are active
playing lottery or have participated before.

George Clooney

George Clooney as Lee Gates in TriStar Pictures' MONEY MONSTER
George Clooney as Lee Gates in TriStar Pictures’ MONEY MONSTER
George Clooney plays lottery simply because he is philanthropic and wants to donate to charity. It’s not always greed that drives him to play the lottery. In the year 2010 for instance, he bought a thousand tickets from Italy’s national lottery known as SuperEnalotto.

Elizabeth Hurley

Liz is red-hot in Bedazzled
Liz is red-hot in Bedazzled
Elizabeth Hurley and George Clooney are good friends who share a common interest. So when Elizabeth Hurley heard that George Clooney had bought a thousand entries for purposes of donating to charity, she followed suit with an additional 500 entries.

Both stars claim that they bought the tickets, hoping that they’d win big and take the money to charity. The proceeds would go towards helping Haiti earthquake victims. However, neither of their tickets were lucky enough to win. But they still ended up helping the victims anyway, thanks to the telethon campaign.

Paris Hilton
paris-hilton-limited-edition-anniversary-fragrance-paris-hiltonShe is a multi-millionaire media mogul, and she still takes part in online lotto competitions. But how do we know that she takes part in lottery? Well, she has been captured on camera several times shopping for lottery tickets. For instance, in 2008, she bought 1,500 entries.

But unlike Clooney and Elizabeth, Paris Hilton said that if she won, she would only donate 10% of her earnings to charity.

Simon Cowell
simon-cowell1He is worth half a million dollars, and he still plays the lottery. This is a fact he confessed when he was interviewed by the Daily Mail back in 2011. He confessed that he is a regular buyer of entries at the National Lottery. However, whenever he buys tickets, he ticks the box which prohibits publicity, and thus people rarely know if he is a regular lottery ticket buyer.


"Working my Moschino!..."
“Working my Moschino!…”
Madonna is said to be the queen of lottery, why? Because she is the richest, yet the luckiest of all. It so happened that when she was doing her world tour back in 2012, she stopped in Italy to get some lottery tickets. Now, the queen of pop music not only bought 100 entries, but she was also lucky enough to scoop €120,000 in secondary prize. However, Madonna is not greedy, so she decided to use all the money to build schools back in Malawi.

You just read it on this list that celebrities too buy lottery tickets. Therefore, next time you stop by to get some tickets, do not think that seeking lottery prizes is only reserved for the poor. As a matter of fact, everyone can buy lottery tickets.