Celebrities show true colours in charity fashion campaign

Famous names from the fashion, television, radio and music industries have come together to back Fashion Targets Breast Cancer® (FTBC) UK in an advertising campaign which subtly plays on the topic of celebrity charity endorsement.
Natalie Imbruglia, Anna Friel, Alan Carr, Edith Bowman and Twiggy have been shot by acclaimed photographer Rankin wearing their FTBC T-shirts with pride for the campaign from leading charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer which aims to raise £1m.

The campaign launches nationwide on 6th May 2008. The T-shirt features the iconic target logo in this year’s colours; blue and yellow. Natalie, Anna, Alan, Edith, Twiggy and Rankin have given their time for free and all advertising creative and space has been provided at reduced cost or free of charge.

The campaign message across all advertising is ‘Whatever your reason, wear one.’ Taking this concept one step further, each celebrity has agreed to send themselves up by featuring their own spoof reason as a strap line on their ad. Alan, for example has joked that the T-shirt shows off his man boobs, whilst Natalie admits that she is supporting FTBC because she has a thing about pastel colours and Anna quips that the T-shirt colours match her eyes.

The one exception to this theme is Edith Bowman whose mother is in remission from breast cancer after being diagnosed at the age of 50. Edith wanted to honour her mother’s experience and highlight the more serious nature of the cause by giving a genuine touching reason: ‘Mum.’ This also reflects her aspiration as an expecting ‘mum’ to look after future generations of women. (Please see Notes to Editors for quotes from the faces explaining their genuine reasons for supporting FTBC.)

Alan Carr’s involvement marks the first time Breakthrough Breast Cancer has used a male celebrity to advertise FTBC in the campaign’s 11 year history. Alan’s participation recognises the 300 men a year who are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK and tens of thousands who are affected by the loss of mothers, daughters, sisters and partners.
Rankin is a renowned photographer, publisher and film director. Rankin’s iconic, intimate portraiture style and his mischievous eye have gained him a reputation as one of the world’s leading photographers. Rankin has captured the range of personalities, fronting this campaign perfectly in a stunning set of colour portraits.

The iconic T-shirts the celebrities are wearing are part of a larger range of FTBC summer fashion items. Marks & Spencer has used hues from this year’s campaign colours of blue and yellow to create its largest FTBC range to date – including women’s swimwear, lingerie and accessories. Topshop has also designed a limited edition shopper bag set to be a summer sell-out. Loyal fans of the campaign can purchase their T-shirt and other items in the FTBC classic range including a new on-trend friendship bracelet from 2nd May from stores across the high-street and online at targetbreastcancer.org.uk

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer is Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s flagship fundraising campaign and has raised over £8.5 million over the last 11 years for the charity’s vital research, campaigning and education work. The money raised by the 2008 campaign will go towards projects like the Triple Negative Trial – the first UK-based clinical trial to improve the treatment of “triple negative” breast cancer. This type of breast cancer is more common in younger women and those of African ethnicity, and it tends to be aggressive and difficult to treat. The Triple Negative Trial is a crucial step forward in improving the treatment of this disease.

Edith Bowman says: “It’s a bit of a no brainer that I’m supporting Fashion Targets Breast Cancer because it funds Breakthrough’s vital work, part of which I feel particularly strongly about – education. With my mum, we were lucky enough to catch the breast cancer early enough through her right for a screening when she turned 50. What we were amazed by, is the amount of women who don’t attend their screening appointments.
“My mum’s experience shows that early detection is the best way forward when it comes to breast cancer. I hope that through its education work, Breakthrough Breast Cancer can drive this message home, because early diagnosis saves lives.”

Natalie Imbruglia says: “As a woman, I feel it is important to support this wonderful campaign. I was shocked when I saw the latest UK figures – 1 in 9 women are diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lifetime.
“The Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign makes so much sense. All you have to do, like me, is buy a T-shirt and wear it with pride. You will be helping to build on the £8.5 million already raised by this fantastic campaign to help Breakthrough Breast Cancer continue its crucial research, campaigning and education work.
“Breakthrough’s vision is a future free from the fear of breast cancer. I really do believe that together we can help Breakthrough achieve this. I can only reiterate what this year’s advertising campaign is saying: whatever your reason – please please wear one.”

Anna Friel says: “Why am I wearing this T-shirt? To be straight, for me, it’s more about the charity than the T-shirt. Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love the design and the colours but the main pull for me is what it does for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Through sales of this simple t-shirt Breakthrough is able to fund vital research, campaigning and education work which needs to continue to fight breast cancer.
“Please follow my lead. Whatever our personal reasons for wearing a Fashion Targets Breast Cancer T-shirt or even giving it to a friend, I can reassure you that we all have one thing in common – we are helping Breakthrough achieve its vision of a future free from the fear of breast cancer. That’s something we should all be proud of. I certainly am. Thank you so much for your support.”

Twiggy says: “Like lots of people, I’ve lost friends to breast cancer. I think it’s important that every woman backs Fashion Targets Breast Cancer and the charity that benefits from the campaign – Breakthrough Breast Cancer. We’ve got to beat this terrible disease and Breakthrough is helping us to do this. I love this year’s T-shirt and I’m sure it will be a sell-out this summer.”

Alan Carr says: “My real reason for supporting Fashion Targets Breast Cancer is simple: No less than £4.50 from this T-shirt goes directly to Breakthrough Breast Cancer. So there really is no excuse is there? I want to see every one of you wearing this T-shirt with pride and supporting this fantastic charity. Just think you could look as you good as me, well, without the airbrushing and the girdle.”