CECILIA GAULT’s HANASUTO: “My play on the hyper-sexualized Japanese school girl stereotype fantasy”

By Frank Bell

Japanese/Irish Cecilia Gault’s diverse cultural traditions informed her musical tastes as well as her own artistic output.  Dropping her new single Hanasuto, the track is a blistering attack on the hyper-sexualisation of the Japanese schoolgirl stereotype. A pounding pop hit, Cecilia provides an important commentary on the objectification of young Asian girls and the presence of male gaze within her culture.

“The English translation of ‘Hanasuto’ is ‘When I Talk Like This’, Cecilia explains. “It’s my play on the hyper-sexualized Japanese school girl stereotype fantasy. The Japanese lyrics “貴方の 視線 感じて, シャツのボタン 弾けて, 私の インスタを 眺めて” translate to “I can feel your gaze, my shirts buttons are popping off, you’re staring longingly at my Instagram’. ‘Hanasuto’ is told through the voice of the woman….the object of the fantasy.”

Cloaked in synths and spiked electronic rhythms, Cecilia Gault touches on a topic of immense personal importance. “My big interest is creative freedom and communication through art,” she says. “To create is the base of human communication. Music and songwriting is my way of weaving together pieces of my life to create a story.”