CECIL Presents PROJECT CEASEFIRE | To Shine A light On Knife Crime And Youth Violence

Following the success supporting Clean Bandit and Tom Odell on their tours, headlining a BBC Introducing stage, enchanting London artist Cecil, talks to FM about Project Ceasefirewhose MO is to keep those affected by knife crime, gun crime and youth violence connected to each other…Here’s the stunning and intense video for project’s standout single Ceasefire.

Cecil creates anthem for knife crime project ‘Ceasefire’

So, what’s up Cecil? What’s on your mind right now?

Hey! Well I’ve just got back from the studio, thankfully into a cosy warm flat after battling the wind and rain! Pasta dinner is on the stove bubbling away but I clearly made way too much! But doesn’t everyone do that? Living like a rockstar.

Tell us everything about your recent single Ceasefire and your amazing video 

Ceasefire came to me when I was coming back home from the studio one evening and I couldn’t get into my road, as it had been blocked because somebody has been unfortunately stabbed. I couldn’t believe how close to home this was all getting and after somebody in the car I was in at the time said that I should just get used to it because it’s London. I got so angry because we should never get use to something as violent as knife crime and it’s not just happening in London! So then the next day I came back into the studio and told my team what happened and that I wanted to help people affected by this. And that’s when Project Ceasefire was created. 

Meeting the families and the making of the video was honestly one of the most emotional experiences of my life. At one point in the video towards the end where you can see me singing when the families were there I was trying so hard not to cry! I managed not to and pulled myself together, as the families were so strong and I wanted to be strong for them too.

Why did you pick ‘Project Ceasefire’ as your project name? 

I picked Project Ceasefire because I want to shine a light on knife crime and youth violence and to create a ceasefire against it. I wanted to keep the message simple for all to understand so I thought the term We Need A Ceasefire summed it up best.

When did you start thinking of following a music career? 

I knew this was seriously what I wanted to do at the age of 16. For me it got to a point when I realised how much I loved writing and performing and I never really wanted to do anything else but that.  

Could you briefly describe the making process on your latest single?

I was inspired by my own experience having witnessed the aftermath of a stabbing and when I looked into other stories told by family members of victims of knife crime it inspired me even more to write and create Ceasefire’and I had a great team behind me that helped it come to life! 

You supported Clean Bandit and Tom Odell and headlined the BBC Introducing stage! Share your experience with us.

These were such amazing experiences! Supporting Clean Bandit and Tom Odell was a dream but I was super nervous beforehand but loved every minute when I got on stage! And headlining a BBC Introducing night was such an honour for me as it’s my home turf and where I’m from and it has been great to have the support of BBC Introducing to date.

Which animal would best suit your personality?

I would say a Dolphin best suits my personality because I am very empathic, sensitive and kind-hearted and I love making people around me feel happy! 

Who are your musical icons?

I love love LOVE Lana Del Rey! And Coldplay I have always listened to since I was very young.

What was the first album you purchased?

It was Green Day, American Idiot! What an album and I still listen to it now! 

Which artists are you listening to right now?

I’m really loving Dua Lipa’s new single Don’t Start Now. I always listen to Lana Del Rey and I’m really enjoying Coldplay’s new album! 

How would you describe your fashion style?

Well I absolutely love ANYTHING black! But I would describe my style as sometimes kooky but other times quite dark and moody. 

What does 2020 hold for you?

In 2020 I’m hoping to get more of my new music out. The last 2 years I have been so busy on the live front, which has been great fun, but I lose a lot of time creating my music so it’s time to knuckle down and get the new music finished and released.

I will still be playing some festivals next year but it will be in the Summer, so keep an eye on my socials for any updates.