Elton John-approved smart duo Cattle & Cane  share their feel-good single Mexico (out now via Believe) .

With the new track (produced by Pete Hammerton) the charming sibling duo (Joe and Helen Hammill) grace us once more with their smoothly lush folk-pop bliss.

“For the first time ever, we took a step back last year and actually thought about how Cattle & Cane should sound and where we want to take it” – says Joe –  “Being in a band isn’t always easy and sometimes it can take some time to find your way, but this is undoubtedly the most excited we’ve ever been about sharing new music” he adds. 

“We’ve always been ambitious,” – explains Helen – “but I think locking ourselves away with Pete [Hammerton] for the last few months has enabled us to create some songs that really justify our ambition” she adds. 

Photo by Junior Ayub