CATTANEO​: Unveiling ‘The Faun’ and the Transformative Power of ‘I Know, I Know, I Know’

"It is an intimate talk, a whisper of hope, a blow of fresh air. You can hear Dare's soul coming out of the track to embrace you”
14 November 2023

​CATTANEO is an electronic music connoisseur who stands out as a luminary, and his newest album, The Faun, is another groundbreaking chapter in his esteemed career. Following the trailblazing single Juno Fog, CATTANEO has joined forces with the ethereal Douglas Dare to birth I Know, I Know, I Know, a sonic marvel that encapsulates the album’s visionary fusion of futuristic synths, traditional instruments, and minimal rhythms.

The Faun is a twelve-track delight that showcases CATTANEO’s dexterity as a multi-talented musician and electronic virtuoso. The album weaves a tapestry of sound, enlisting the talents of national and international collaborators such as Francesco Bianconi, YOSIE, Hamid Shahsavan, and Niconote. Each track unveils a unique sonic landscape, from the delicate operatic vocals of Bianconi in Italiano Per Stranieri, a contemplation on the stages of love, to the intense and minimalist electronic backdrop of Obscurité, featuring Niconote’s theatrical voice reminiscent of Philip Glass.

At the heart of The Faun lies the focus track, I Know, I Know, I Know. This captivating composition merges pulsating synths with a contemplative beat, creating a musical journey that oscillates between power and tranquility. The haunting harmonies of Douglas Dare take center stage, exploring themes of breaking free from indifference and the yearning for change. Originating from CATTANEO’s Particles improvisational series during the pandemic lockdown, the track is a testament to the transformative power of music. Layers of sound converge seamlessly, with Dare’s emotive vocals adding a new dimension to the composition, resulting in an extraordinary collaboration that transcends the boundaries of electronic music.

In a candid revelation about the inspiration behind I Know, I Know, I Know, CATTANEO shares, “‘I Know, I Know, I Know’ is probably the most intense song of the album ‘The Faun.’ It is an intimate talk, a whisper of hope, a blow of fresh air. You can hear Dare’s soul coming out of the track to embrace you.” The track becomes a vessel for emotional expression, a conduit for Dare’s soul to connect with the listener on a profound level.

CATTANEO’s Recent collaborations, such as the soundtrack for Hyperstellar and Il Raggio featuring Hamid Shahsavan, showcase his versatility in both music and the audiovisual realm. As a member of the electronic duo Jay Perkins, he has left an indelible mark with albums like Decay and Release under the esteemed Italian label Ala Bianca.

With I Know, I Know, I Know as its harbinger, the album invites listeners to embark on a journey of introspection and emotion, guided by the unparalleled artistry of CATTANEO and the haunting vocals of Douglas Dare.

Photos by Carlos Bracho